Y Tu Mama Tambien
Movie Quote Quiz

Luisa: You have to make the clitoris your best friend.
Tenoch: What kind of friend is always hiding?

Narrator: Life is like the foam of the sea. You must dive into it.

Luisa: Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.

Luisa: Who cares who you two fucked when you come that fast.

Julio Zapata: Traveling is really cool.
Tenoch: Yeah, but with mushrooms! You've never stepped into a single plane.

Continuity mistake: The image of "Che" Guevara hanging from the rear-view mirror keeps appearing and disappearing during the first part of the road trip, right before it is substituted by the toy rabbit Luisa buys at the township.

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Trivia: According to the main characters in the film, the name for their particular group of friends, "Charolastras," came from a misunderstanding and bad pronunciation of the lyrics to the Clash song "Should I stay or should I go."

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