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Corrected entry: When Kate walks over to the silver frame and says "It's Jerry's diagram," all the numbers which were previously written, appear on the frame. However the "9", which should be on the bottom of the frame behind her, is missing. (01:17:35)

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Correction: We know that there are alternate dimensions in the Hypercube, so that particular diagram could very well have been made by a different Jerry than the one that the movie follows.

Corrected entry: In end the scene where Kate has just escaped the Hypercube, we see a big puddle of water in a huge warehouse - the technicians pull her towards the dry cement and a commanding officer. When she gets there, she starts talking to the commanding officer - notice in the shots that show Kate, there is no water in the background. (01:28:14)

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Correction: Seeing as how the Hypercube is anything but normal, it's very likely that the water was just another illusion of it.

Corrected entry: In the middle of the film, as the group is moving from cube to cube, the blond woman's outer shirt mysteriously disappears and reappears. In one shot, she is wearing a white button-up shirt over a white tee shirt, then she is wearing only the white tee shirt with no sign of the button-up shirt, and then she is back in both shirts again.

Correction: I've just watched the film and at no point does this happen.

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Corrected entry: Jerry is comparing his watch with the one that is found in the cube. These watches should be exactly identical, but have different serial numbers. (00:36:00)

Correction: Mention is made of the "duplicate people" possibly coming from different quantum realities. If this is the case, then the serial numbers do not have to match, as the closest to identical quantum realities are SIMILAR, but not the SAME.

Corrected entry: When Kate escapes from the hypercube and is picked up out of the water by the two soldiers, there is no liquid or evidence of wetness on her back. This is because the "water" was entirely computer-generated. (01:23:55)

Correction: At no point did they ever say it was water. It more closely resembled the "liquid metal" from Terminator 2, but they never said exactly what it was, so you have no idea if it's even supposed to make something wet or not.

Corrected entry: About half-way through the film, there is a montage of the captives climbing through various cube doors. Part of that montage shows them emerging from the floor, which should be impossible, as the cube cells are a good 15 feet tall. There is no evidence or indication that gravity changes direction in any of the Cube movies, so emerging from the floor should be impossible.

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Correction: There are handles along the floors, walls, and ceilings which allow the captives access to every door in every room. Additionally, gravity, as well as space and time itself, are shown to shift wildly from room to room throughout this film.

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Revealing mistake: When Becky meets Simon in the cube, they hug, then Simon literally stabs Becky in the back. As she falls down to the floor, her black shirt reveals not only some of her chest, but part of a black microphone wire. (01:15:15)

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Trivia: The actual heat of all the lights used on the set of Hypercube caused the black door portals to turn green, which is very noticeable on the portals on several occasions.

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Question: How long had it been since the time Kate stabbed Simon in the eye and the time he captured Sasha? You can tell by his appearance that it's been a nice length of time, but it's never specified. I don't know much about survival, but it's evident that he had been cannibalizing even before that point, so he had probably been eating people in that whole time so it could have been a very long time. I'm inclined to believe that it's been at least a month, given the dramatic change in his appearance. Can anybody give a clearer response? As mine is just a blind guess. (01:19:00 - 01:19:40)


Chosen answer: I'm inclined to think it was longer than a month because of the lack of proper needed care for such an injury would prolong the healing process. But he only had a handful of souvenirs on him, which means he probably stopped collecting after a while. I concur with your cannibalism theory, there's no other way he would have survived. However that doesn't explain what he could have done for water. This theory of Simon spending possibly months in the cube also brings up the question: If the cube breaks down at 6:06:59, then how is it possible to live in there for months? Well, as we saw, certain rooms have slower and faster rates of time. So, he could have spent all that time in a room with a slow time rate waiting for people to wander into it and feed off of them.

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