Continuity mistake: When Doyle is eating at the homeless shelter, he polishes his silverware and lays down a spoon, knife, and another spoon in that order. In the following shots the order changes to spoon, spoon, knife.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the car with the call girls are talking about dancing topless, the shot goes to backseat call girls' cleavage. The very next shot it shows her shirt almost all the way up at her neck, and no cleavage.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the gas station where Dutch kicks his shoe off he rips his pants. Later in the movie the pants are no longer ripped.

Continuity mistake: In the cafeteria/gas station, Doyle and Dutch sit down while the girls gas the car. In the cafeteria Dutch has a significant amount of stubble on his face, however when they are outside arguing, you can see that Dutch is clean-shaven.

Violent Jay

Continuity mistake: During the scene with the dancers at the gas station, Doyle says that he would like to stay with Brock at the car. When she tells him to go ahead, she has her left glove on fully and her right partially on. During the following scene her left glove is barely on, and the right glove is off completely.

Violent Jay

Continuity mistake: When Doyle pulls the gun out of the desk drawer, he opened the drawer all the way and never closed it. But when he's aiming the gun at Dutch, the drawer is closed. Then in other shots, the drawer is back to being pulled out, but not all the way.


Continuity mistake: When Doyle pulls out his gun and points it at Dutch, you can see him in the background holding the gun with one hand, in the next shot he's holding the gun with both hands.


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