Cruel Intentions

Corrected entry: Besides her being a little too virtuous, one of the roadblocks to Sebastian "bedding" Annette was her boyfriend, Trevor. He is mentioned twice in the film, yet the plot ultimately steamrolls over Trevor, as though he never existed.

Correction: My theory is that Trevor and Annette had actually broken up sometime after the article was written. As Sebastian pointed out, "You haven't mentioned him until now." Annette did not want to seem vulnerable and broken-hearted, so she told him that Trevor was in Europe. Regardless of whether Trevor actually went there, Annette was only pretending that they were still dating. It's also possible, as another correction suggests, that Trevor was a "character" created for Annette's magazine article.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sebastian and Anette are in the pool when she hops in she has a blue towel but when she hops out it is white.

Correction: Anette leaves her towel behind and picks up her bath robe which is white.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sebastian's aunt asks him and Annette to volunteer at the retirement home and Sebastian says yes, she proceeds to show him 'motherly affection'. The actor playing Sebastian was supposed to pretend to "shoot himself in the head" with his hand following this affection, but he raises his hand too early, as the actress playing his aunt carries on longer than he anticipated.

Correction: He doesn't raise his hand too early, he simply raises a fist and hits himself on the knee. Sebastian doesn't want to visit the elderly, but goes along since Annette wants to.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, when she exits the church, Kathryn gets busted by some professors. But since only the people outside the church had Sebastian's diary, and the professors came out after Kathryn, they couldn't have seen the diary and therefore would not of known her secret.

Correction: Annette told them, or Cecile did - it's foreshadowed when Kathryn and Annette are talking in the bathroom, just before this last scene. Annette repeats Kathryn's exact phrase about "turning to Jesus" which K. used as a metaphor for taking the cocaine in her cross necklace.

Corrected entry: When Sebastian is photograping Cecile as she is laying on his bed, he lowers his camera to the middle of his waist, then in the next shot he is holding the camera by the left of his waist and the way he is holding the camera changes too. (00:44:10)


Correction: You can see him move his arm and move his hand to change the way he holds it.

Corrected entry: When Sebastian calls Annette to see if he "left his glasses there" after they hang up you can see a girl in the left hand corner of the screen for a split second. There are actually two girls on the bed in the scene but they deleted the scene so there wouldn't be any nudity in the movie. (00:36:45)

Correction: There cannot be a girl in the left-hand corner for a split second because we never see Sebastian and Annette hang up and the final shot is on Annette.

Corrected entry: Before Cecile tells Katheryn about Sebastian bringing her to orgasm, prior to Katheryn entering, Cecile is sitting on the floor with a drink can. When Katheryn knocks on the door, she gets up and puts down the can. When they return to the couch, the can is gone. (00:53:00)

Correction: You can clearly see that the can is always in the scene, in the same place Cecile left it.


Corrected entry: From the next-to-last scene where Kathryn gets her comeuppance: She's giving her speech and someone runs in and without her having enough time to say anything substantial, on a word or two everyone starts leaving. Then, they've barely been out there for a few seconds when Kathryn gets there, and already all are shaking their heads at her - they haven't even had time to open their booklets, let alone know enough of the contents to know all of Kathryn's deeds and turn against her.

Correction: There may have already been people outside who didn't go into the church. It's also easier to tell people quickly - if someone said something straight away, everyone would know and just read the diary to get all the details. They could easily already be judging her. It might also not take much for anyone who's already seen through her or been hurt by her and didn't like her for them to turn against her with very little evidence.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar teaches Selma Blair how to kiss, afterwards Sarah pours a drink into a glass which she is holding in her left hand. She takes a sip with the cup in her left hand. The next shot is of Selma, and the glass is in Sarah's right hand. For the next shot, the glass is in Sarah's right hand.

Correction: Gellar is right-handed. She pours with her right hand, takes a sip as she sets the bottle down, then moves the drink from her left hand to her right offscreen during the shot on Blair. She has several seconds in which to do this, and the glass remains in her right hand for the rest of the scene.


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