Bonnie and Clyde

Corrected entry: Whenever money is shown, it's currency from 1967, not the 1930s. The paper currency in the 1930s was very different from modern currency.

Correction: A specific example need to be given for this mistake because money in the 30's was not very different. It seems the submitter is thinking in the 30's they used larger paper bills, but in 1929 the US Government changed all paper currency to the current size (small bill note), so money from the 30's looked similar to the 60's. True, in 1966 a red seal was used, but the submitter does not suggest this was the difference.


Corrected entry: When Clyde is robbing the grocery store, the man that comes up behind him with the meat cleaver obviously misses him with the cleaver and hits the counter.

William Bergquist

Correction: This isn't a mistake - it's clear he misses Clyde.

Corrected entry: The character of C.W. Moss's father is referred to by name only once - just before the final ambush, when Bonnie recognizes him and says, "Isn't that Malcolm?". But in the credits his name is Ivan Moss.

Correction: She is asking if that is Malcolm, not stating that it is. The answer is no, it isn't Malcolm, but that is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Clyde Barrow didn't have any impotence problems worth mentioning. He was an active bi-sexual though.


Correction: Clyde was never impotent or "bi-sexual" The rumor of being bi-sexual started just after the movie was made. W.D.Jones addressed this during an interview with Playboy magazine.

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