Deliberate mistake: A shot that lasts nine seconds is backwards. The shot is the third of four cityscape shots in a row. The vehicular traffic in this third shot moves on the left side. The traffic moves on the right side in the second and fourth shots. There is a backward script letter "B" on the left side of the third shot. If the third shot is reversed, it becomes apparent that it is a close-up of the bottom of the fourth shot. (Observed in both the Madacy and Kino DVD's. Timecode is for the Kino DVD.) (00:16:30)

Deliberate mistake: A shot that lasts three seconds is backwards. The previous shot is a point of view outside an elevator and it shows Maria descending into the workers' city. The very next shot is a point of view from inside the same elevator and it shows the elevator ascending out of the workers' city. (Observed in both the Kino and Madacy DVD's. The timecode is for the Kino DVD.) (01:32:25)

Continuity mistake: When Freder exits the Moloch machine hall, in the shot of Freder descending the stairs the two motorized utility carts are missing. (00:15:55)

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Freder: To the new Tower of Babel - to my father - .

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Trivia: The film features an absolutely massive cast, including 750 bit players, 26,000 male extras, 11,000 female extras, and 750 children.

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