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11811 - Georgy: - the machine... Someone has to stay at the machine.

Freder: Moloch.

Maria: Head and hands need a mediator. THE mediator between head and hands must be THE heart.
Worker #1: But where is our mediator, Maria -?
Maria: Wait for him! He will surely come.
Worker #2: We will wait, Maria...! But not much longer - - .

Freder: Your magnificant city, Father - and you the brain of this city - and all of us in the city's light - - and where are the people, father, whose hands built your city - - -?
Joh Frederson: Where they belong.
Freder: Where they belong...? In the depths...?

Flash Card: One man's hymn of praise became other men's curses.

Maria: Look! These are your brothers! Look -! These are your brothers.

Man at Yoshiwara Nightclub: For her - all seven deadly sins.

Freder: To the new Tower of Babel - to my father - .

Moving Title Card: As - deep - as lay - the workers' - city below the - earth, so high above - it towered the complex - known as the "Club of the - Sons," with its lecture halls and - libraries, its theaters and stadiums.

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