Nicholas and Alexandra
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Tsarina Alexandra: Sometimes I wonder how you live with me.
Tsar Nicholas II: I wonder too. Only I know I could never live without you... Sunny.

Tsar Nicholas II: All my life. My whole life I've done what you want. I gave mother up. You hated her, so we don't see her anymore. I gave my friends up. Do you know I haven't a single friend? I've got my family. Four girls, one sick boy... and you. I ask myself, before I eat, sleep, or change my clothes, is this what Sunny wants? And it never is. There's always more! Sweet Jesus how much do you want of me?

Rasputin: I can't leave. I want to serve Batushka and Matushka. I want peace, and food for peasants everywhere. I want that girl you you saw. And all the girls I haven't seen. I want to sleep, but can't sleep unless I'm drunk. I want to die and go to heaven. I want music. I want God to love me and I want to see you dance. Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha.

Tsar Nicholas II: Oh, God, but it's good to be alive! The Earth is like a field in summer, just bursting with good things. Someday, when all the wars are over, someone young will lead us to the harvest. As long as there are children, anything is possible.

Father Gapon: The Tsar is here in Petersburg, to bless the troops. He's staying at the Winter Palace. Thousands of us will march there on Sunday morning. I'll go to him on the balcony, and read this: "Sire, we workingmen and inhabitants of St. Petersburg come to you, Sire, to seek for truth, justice, and protection. Only you can hear our prayers, and if you do not, we shall die, here on this square, before your palace."

Tsar Nicholas II: A strong man has no need of power, and a weak man is destroyed by it.

Prince Yusupov: We're going to be torn to pieces. You politicians think you're in control, but you'll be swept away like the rest of us. Rome, Athens, Petersburg, you can't stop it. In the meantime, I shall enjoy myself. Come to my place on Thursday, Rasputin. I'm having a special little party. This beautiful scarf, have it. I can't stop the revolution, but until it comes, let's have some fun. Even if it's only for a few more days.

Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky? Is it all right if I say something intimate?
Tsar Nicholas II: In public?
Tsarina Alexandra: I'll whisper it.
Tsar Nicholas II: All right. What is it?
Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky... I adore you.

Tsarevich Alexei: Why did you abdicate for me? You never asked.
Tsar Nicholas II: I didn't want you to pay for my mistakes.
Tsarevich Alexei: Am I not paying for them now? Aren't we all?

Tsar Nicholas II: Alexei spends all day with you. You hardly ever come to meals. I hardly ever seem to see you anymore.
Tsarina Alexandra: My place is where I am needed most.
Tsar Nicholas II: It must be hard to have so many people need you. I'll be patient. If I wait, my turn will come.

Tsar Nicholas II: We're seeing Witte.
Tsarina Alexandra: That man.
Tsar Nicholas II: He's a brilliant Prime Minister.
Tsarina Alexandra: I never liked him.
Tsar Nicholas II: I'm the one he bellows at.
Tsarina Alexandra: You shouldn't let him. He's your servant. Everyone's your servant.

Tsar Nicholas II: The Russia my father gave me never lost a war. What shall I say to my son when the time comes? That I had no pride? That I was weak? I've always thought God meant me to rule. He put me here. He chose me, and whatever happens is His will. We shall fight on until victory.
Count Witte: There will be no victory. Only strikes and riots. You must give your people a little of what they want, sir. Not all. Just, a taste.

Rasputin: I don't hate anyone. And yet, so many enemies. I'm not rich, what I get, I give away, I take no vengeance on the men I remove from office. When you fall, I won't abuse you.

Tsarevich Alexei: Alexei, Alexei, mustn't run and mustn't play, mustn't jump and mustn't climb, must be careful all the time.

Rasputin: All saints were sinners once. God loves sinners.

The American Ambassador: In your position, I'd put this Lenin quietly in jail.
Alexander Kerensky: On what pretext?
The American Ambassador: I've read his speeches. Surely, you have to.
Alexander Kerensky: I cannot put a man in jail for what he thinks. It's in your Bill of Rights.
The American Ambassador: He wants to overthrow the government by force. We Americans call that treason.

Tsarina Alexandra: You enjoy yourself at parties. I get headaches. If you sat there, feeling everyone disliked you.
Tsar Nicholas II: No one dislikes you.
Tsarina Alexandra: Yes, they do. You never see unpleasant things. You drift away. Sometimes I wonder if you even hear me half the time.
Tsar Nicholas II: Just now, I find you all too audible.
Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky? Guess what.
Tsar Nicholas II: You've got your headache.

Factual error: The Imperial Family was executed in July of 1918. In actuality, 11 people were killed in Ekaterinburg. These were: Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei, Dr. Botkin, Anna (a maid), Khartinov (a servant), and Trupp (a servant). However, at the end of the film, only the 7 members of the family and Dr. Botkin are shown to be executed. I realize this film was rather lavish, but if it was intended to be a semi-documentary, all the victims should have been portrayed at the end.

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