The Core

Corrected entry: When the vessel entered the geode (the great big empty hole), the crew was forced forward by the falling of the ship. They should have felt weightless - the ship was in free fall just like the "Vomit Comet" used by the Air Force to train astronauts and by Ron Howard to film Apollo 13.

Correction: Free fall would only happen once all the relative velocities were equal, until then they would be pushed back into their seats.

Corrected entry: Considering the nukes would be crushed by the pressure and heat in the Core, how exactly did the team plan to set them off WITHOUT having to detach the compartments in the first place? They couldn't simply seed them by "dropping them out a hatch".

Correction: Because there was a pod designed already for them.

Corrected entry: When Josh and Zimsky are briefing the military on the ramifications of the core stopping, they state that after three months, all electronic devices will fry. It takes three months to build Virgil, as stated by Braz ("I built this ship in three damn months") and yet on the surface all electronic devices are working fine.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Josh simply says "in a few months every electronic device will be fried" while presenting his findings. Se was not being 100% literal, nor does the word "few" when used in that sense HAVE to mean 3. Furthermore, everyone is dealing with a completely new phenomena. So it is certainly not inconceivable that Josh was off a bit in his calculations.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie when the credits are rolling you see a panned view of the earth. The earth is rotating the wrong way.


Correction: This is intentional - yes, they did manage to get the liquid in the center of the earth spinning again, but evidently calculated something wrong, because they got it spinning in the wrong direction.

Corrected entry: When the crew are entering the geode, we can see the blue/purple crystals on screen and the empty space is shown as black. A minute earlier we were informed that empty space showed up as static and black patches were what they could not pass through. Apparently empty space is too dense to travel through?

Correction: It's not actually that empty space is too dense to pass through. When Dr. Keyes said that "I never taught the computer how to read empty space.", he may be implying that he did not program the computer to detect empty spaces, thus the computer does not know about empty spaces and probably mistook them as solid.

Corrected entry: When Drs. Keyes and Zimsky are explaining to the military guys at the Pentagon what is going to happen, Zimsky is wearing a wedding ring (or at least, a ring on his wedding finger). There is no reference to him being married anywhere in the movie, nor is he wearing a ring in any of the other scenes.(The ring is probably Stanley Tuccis since he still was married at the time of the making of "The Core")

Correction: There is also no mention of him being single that would cause this to be a mistake. Just because a wife (or ex-wife, some people still wear their rings) is not mentioned, doesn't mean she doesn't exist. Also, because he seems to be somewhat of a womanizer, he would be less likely to mention his wife.


Corrected entry: When the ship first launches, they switch on the headlights. They use a special device to see outside the ship, and the ship has no windows, so why does the ship have lights?

Correction: Because the ship uses cameras, and the cameras probably use visible light to function. They were first entering water and you can see the light projected from the headlights lite up the water around them and on there screens, that light is what the cameras pick up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Serge and Dr. Keyes first walk into the room with all the dead bodies, you can see that the number on the HMMWV says 69. Not only are these placards rarely ever used in the military, you'll never see one that says 69 unless a soldier is playing a joke.

Correction: None of which makes it a mistake. One of the 5-ton trucks here on base has the same numbers on it, and although I'm certain it is a joke that doesn't make it a movie mistake as it is possible for someone to have put those numbers on it.

Corrected entry: When the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter is landing in front of the hangar at Brazz's hanger, you can see sand on the wheels. Its as if the part of the Blackhawk you see is a model and they've practiced the landing numerous times, because any sand on the wheels would certainly have gotten blown off in flight.


Correction: I'm a US Army UH-60 Blackhawk crewchief, and have been for 8 years. You're wrong. You'd be surprised by how much sand, mud, dirt, etc,. sticks to the landing gear during and after flight. If that was a model they were jumping out of, it was -extremely- detailed as far as the gear itself and the aircraft underbody. Far beyond what would be expected of any movie budget.

Corrected entry: While in the geode, you can see that the giant crystals are twinkling and there is a definite source of natural looking light. Being as light has trouble penetrating through a few hundred metres of sea water, it would be fairly unlikely (impossible) for light to reach inside a sealed geode a few thousand miles beneath the surface of the earth.


Correction: The light came from the external lights on the "Virgil". Light reflected from the original source to one crystal then another and so on.


Corrected entry: After the "Zimsky" bomb explodes, we see the mission control, there the core is fully rotating again, and everybody is cheering. But the 30% bigger bomb hasn't even detonated yet, the one that is definitely needed to "restart" the core.


Ronnie Bischof

Correction: The 30% larger bomb detonates about the same time as Zimsky's bomb. After both detonate, the core starts turning again.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie, Rat goes to an Internet cafe to disseminate information via the web. As the upload starts from his laptop, his screen says "On it's way". It should be "its" (without apostrophe).

Correction: Programmer error. It happens. "You've got mail" isn't grammatically correct either.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the end where we see the ships looking for the Virgil in the ocean, the ships are close together in a nice, tight, circular formation. If they were on a search mission, shouldn't they have been spread out more?

Correction: It is known that the Virgil is near or around that spot were they are searching because of the whales swimming around the Virgil.


Corrected entry: There should have been a significantly reduced force of gravity experienced in the ship when it approached the core because there would have been a large mass of the earth above the ship as well as below the ship, and both sides would be exerting gravitational pulls.

Correction: We can safely assume Braz significantly modified his ship to counter gravitational pulls as you are suggesting.


Corrected entry: In the crystal chamber, they said the suits can hold the pressure. Therefore, the suits must be really hard. So how can a piece of rock go through Iverson's helmet?



Correction: It goes through Iverson's helmet for the same reason a knife passes through your skin but a fist doesn't even if the exact same amount of force is used. The suits are able to resist pressure because the pressure is relatively consistent accross the whole outer surface of the suit, the impact of the small fragment however wasn't consistent, it was a large force applied to a very small area.

Corrected entry: At the end when Josh and Rebbecca are at the bottom of the ocean, she says they could be 800 miles deep. Being a geologist, Joshua must have known that the deepest point in the ocean is about 6.8 miles deep and therefore had to correct her. And that would be the Marianas trench. The place where they entered the crust.



Correction: She says they are 800 feet deep but might as well be 800 miles deep. She's just pointing out how hopeless the situation is.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the EM tear scene, our first shot is a beam coming from the sun onto the earth's surface, and, as anyone can easily see, it is fairly wide. But, after that, when we see a tree dying, it first has an affection area of about 15 feet. 15 feet is invisible from space.


Correction: When we see an outer space shot of the beam, you can see the beam getting through the atmosphere. So it's natural that the beam on the earth's surface has to grow too as soon as the hole in the atmosphere is big enough.


Corrected entry: When the Golden Gate Bridge is being destroyed by microwaves, we see a guy get 'sunburnt'. When he's looking at the sunburn, you can see that no one is in the car next to him. You may only be able to see it, if you're using the widescreen version.


Correction: From the camera's point of view, you can only see the passenger's seat. So there's no way to tell if someone is in the driver's seat.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, when Dr. Keyes and Beck were going back through the earth towards the surface, they said they were going twice as fast as they were going when they went into the core. Now, judging from the speed Virgil was going when they were headed for the core and how the pressure on your body lessens the farther you go up, the lack of pressure should have caused the veins in their bodies to burst, causing them to die almost instantly.

Correction: They are also in a specially designed ship to take them there. It is conceivable that they stayed at core pressure all the way up and had to go through decompression after they reached the surface, similar to deep sea divers.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When they are telling Rebeccah that she has exceptional navigational skills and is reassigned to the team they keep calling her "Major" but prior to that when the Army General is talking to her about how her crew crashed the space shuttle she has a silver leaf on her epaulette. Silver is Lieutenant Colonel, major would be a gold leaf. Major (Gold Leaf) is a step down from Lieutenant Colonel (Silver Leaf). Major is an 0-4, LTCol is an 0-5. Demoting an officer is a congressional act and it wouldn't have been done until the investigation was completed; she wouldn't have been demoted out of simple suspicion of the crash being her fault.


Correction: She was a Major the whole time, she was never wearing Lieutenant Colonel rank. I watched that scene as well as other scenes where she was in her dress uniform in slow-mo just to make sure her leaves were gold and not silver.


Corrected entry: How was the crane attached to Virgil at the bottom of the ocean? The scuba divers are only shown down about ten feet, and they wouldn't be able to walk the ocean floor in standard suits anyway.

Correction: They are in the area of Hawaii where the waters are pretty shallow. If you listen to the pilot in the chopper, after he sees the whales, he says that the whales are circling something, and that they are getting a strong echo at about 800 feet (243m). Not too big a problem attaching a crane at that depth.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Don't you find it weird that one of the most secret projects in the United States, that no one should ever know about, is marked "Secret", and not "Top Secret"?

Correction: We don't know exactly what information is in that file. It could just be info on the 6 scientists plus some details he got about Destiny. It is unlikely that he'd be in possession of the original Destiny file.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Virgil's cockpit operates on a gyroscopic mechanism, which would level the cockpit, making it parallel with the earth's surface. This means that no matter what way Virgil tilts, the passengers inside would not feel anything, because it would feel as if they are sitting still. However, in the scene where Virgil hits "empty space", the ship falls vertically, and the passengers are pushed forward, as if they are going to fly off their seats (just like what happens when you ride a roller coaster) and the only thing holding them in their seats are the seat belts.

Correction: They mention that the gyroscopes only work to 45dgrees maximum.


Corrected entry: When Brazzleton steps outside to unlock the master hydraulic gear, an ax melts in his hand. Don't you think that an expert on things like that would know that it would happen, and not even bother to bring it outside with him?

Correction: He probably did know it would melt but he wanted to at least try to use the axe before it melted.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Josh & Serge are called in because of the 32 people who collapsed from pacemakers failing, they are shown one of the bodies with their pacemaker scar. The general complements him on getting it right without seeing the body or the scar. The problem is the scar shown goes down the sternum. The correct scar for a pacemaker would be a small scar under the collarbone.

Correction: The body has an open-heart surgery scar so it's possibly the pacemaker was implanted at the same time rather through a separate incision.


Corrected entry: When Dr. Brazzleton is going out into the impeller shaft to open the hydraulic door, he opens the door to expose himself to heat that is supposedly 2000 degrees above the limit of his suit. However, the incredible heat would melt everything in the room behind him.

Richard Welty

Correction: The Dr climbs down a small lader and into a small airlock. You never see the condition of the airlock and it is never seen again. So it may well be damaged in the brief moment it was opened.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Virgil is approaching the crystal thing or the "empty space" Dr. Kieves says he never told the computer how to read empty space but earlier in the film when he is trying to fine tune his navigation device there is lots of empty space between it and the lead plate and everything else around it, yet, no static.

Correction: The space during testing isn't empty - it's filled with gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. The static is caused by true empty space, i.e. a vacuum.

Corrected entry: In the sequence where they launch the Virgil into the Marianas Trench, they hit bottom and fire the lasers at 30,000 feet, when in reality the trench is around 7 miles deep, or about 36,960 feet deep

Correction: The whole trench is not the same depth, they may have picked this particular spot for some other reason.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the black shows up on the screen someone I think Aaron Eckhart says that he had never taught the computer how to read crystals (I think it was). So if the computer doesn't know how to read them then why would they even show up?


Correction: The computer recognised the crystals as black. It was the empty space of the cavern which the computer couldn't read, and it showed up on the screen as static (background noise)

James Ollier

Corrected entry: Dr. Zimsky is explaining to everyone else that 'Wave Interference' will allow the core to be re-started after the first plan failed. This is Constructive interference, and is basic A-Level Physics, although it took 3 highly trained people to work this out, as well as one Physicist.

Correction: Constructive interference is basic A-level physics, yes, but applying it to planetary core dynamics takes rather more than a standard secondary school education - it's reasonable that it would take experts to figure out the details.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The Commander of the "ship", Rebecca, must have a VERY high threshhold for heat as whilst they are inside the Planet all of her fellow "Earthonauts" sweat like crazy and she keeps cool.

Correction: This is nothing more than an observation, not a mistake. In real life, some people DO sweat much less than others.

Corrected entry: On the way back to the surface, it is explained that they found a spot "between two tectonic plates that will bring them up somewhere near Hawaii." Hawaii, however, sits smack dab in the center of the Pacific plate, which is the world's largest tectonic plate. Therefore, if they came up between two tectonic plates, they would be no where near Hawaii. Some people have said that Hawaii is on what geologists call a hot spot, ie. a plume of magma, rising up to the surface to create a "volcanic" island. All well and good, but that's a very different thing to being in between two tectonic plates, so it's a mistake either way.

Correction: She found a spot between tectonic plates, flew between them as they were closing, and then the ship traveled for quite awhile before actually breaking through to the ocean floor. At the speed they were traveling, they could very easily have traveled toward Hawaii.

Corrected entry: When the FBI raid Rat's apartment, he tosses the CDs in the microwave, and the timer starts at around 6 minutes and right after that the FBI comes in. About 5 seconds later you hear the FBI yell "FREEZE" to Rat and the microwave stops. The microwave was set to over 6 minutes, not under 5 seconds.

Correction: This mistake is wrong. The display on the microwave was showing the time of day, not the length of time to microwave. This is made obvious by the fact that it was showing the time (6:42) well before Rat touches anything. He doesn't set the microwave. He puts the CDs in, then hits a preset.

Corrected entry: Delroy Lindo explains to the crew that in order to jettison the compartments of the ship, he has to go outside and do it manually, because he didn't design the ship to do that. He goes outside and dies in the process; but then, later on in the film, when they release the last compartment, the guy turns around and pushes a big red button that says "Emergency compartment Jettison". So the ship had to have been designed to do that.

Correction: It was also explained that the lock mechanism for the manual release wasn't placed inside the ship because it wasn't thought to be needed. The emergency button would be useless unless the auto-release, in emergencies/breaches, or the manual release was engaged.

Corrected entry: Braz shows his 'visitors' an example of Virgil's shell by putting a mouse in the ultratanium box and firing the laser 'through' the box, thereby creating corresponding holes in the steel plate beyond the box. Hence, you see the shape of the box in the metal plate. However, even though the laser creates a hole in the concrete block holding up the box, there is no corresponding hole in the metal plate.

Correction: That's because the lasers are switched off just about when they finish cutting through the stone block. So, they are switched on, hit the plate and the stone, cut through plate while cutting through stone, and switched off before plate in the corresponding area (under the 'box' shadow) is hit.

Corrected entry: If Virgil didn't crash into the giant geode, which wasn't even supposed to happen, the 'headlights' on Virgil would serve no purpose. Did Miss Cleo tell them that they were going to crash into a geode or something?

Correction: The headlights were used first when Virgil was launched into the ocean, when they see the wheels.

Corrected entry: When the Golden Gate bridge collapses, it appears that all of the cars are facing one direction. The bridge has traffic flowing in both directions.

Correction: The cars are facing both ways.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where 'Rat' is trying to slow down 'Project DESTINI' (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger Initiative) he incorrectly spells Destini by typing "Project Destiny" into some kind of search box on some 'Alaska Hydroelectric Ltd.' site. For someone who boasts about being so smart earlier in the film that is a pretty stupid mistake. He must have run out of hot pockets.

Correction: While the project does in fact use the word "Initiative" at the end it is always referred to as "Destiny" with a Y when it's written as an acronym.

Nick N.

Corrected entry: There's a shot where a sunbeam is moving from ocean to land, west to east. But the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Correction: Assuming that the "hole" in the atmosphere is stationary, and the rotation of the earth, the angle that the sunlight goes through the hole changes. The sun will move to the east, while the microwaves will go towards the west. To prove this, take a piece of cardboard, put a hole in it, and shine a flashlight through it. move the flash light, and note the light goes in the opposite direction.

Corrected entry: Isn't it unusual that when Josh and Beck used the wire to generate electricity via the heat of the core, they didn't need any protection against that 9,000-degree wall? Even being close to such temperatures can severely burn a person.

Correction: The "Unobtanium", (the material the ship was made out of) was designed not to conduct any heat or energy. Remember the mouse in the box in the beginning of the movie?

Corrected entry: Their whole plan is basically to save the Earth by setting off a bomb at its core to get it spinning again. The problem is, an explosion has no torque. Think of it like strapping a firecracker to a basketball; the explosion goes out in every direction. If you want to get it spinning it would be smarter to strap a bottle rocket to it. Granted you're expected to suspend some disbelief, ok a lot for this movie, but you think with all that brain power, someone could have pointed that out.

Correction: They do not expect the explosion itself to restart the core. The plan is to create pressure waves that will disturb the liquid core, or "loosen it up" so that the natural forces that originally kept it spinning can get it moving again.

The plan was to get the inner core spinning, not the outer core. Zimsky was using a figure of speech when he said "a tiny nudge in any direction will force the core back into its normal flow" when he really meant a tiny nudge in any direction will force the inner core back into its normal rotation, and the program was just an analogy of producing pressure waves to get the inner core spinning again. When Zimsky said " the core of the earth has stopped spinning" he didn't mean the outer stopped spinning (the outer core is liquid, and doesn't really spin. It simply flows in different directions.), he meant the inner core stopped spinning.

Corrected entry: The peach that Josh charbroiled is actually an apple. You can tell by the skin.

Correction: If it is an apple, then why does it have a pit?

Corrected entry: When the shuttle overflies the ball game the sonic boom arrives before the shuttle. Any object travling supersonic must pass the observer before the shock wave is heard.

Correction: That wasn't the sonic boom, you could hear the ship as it passed by. If you can hear it pass by, that means there is no sonic boom(a sonic boom is ONE sound that is heard for a very short period of time, like the sound that is trying to catch up to an object that is moving faster than sound itself.) The sound was probably the ship hitting an object, I have no idea what, but maybe like a billboard or something of the sort.

Corrected entry: When the electrical storms developed over Rome, you see the Colosseum becoming electrically charged. The build-up of electricity eventually causes the Colosseum to explode. This is wrong because the Colosseum is made out of brick and rock and these materials do not retain static electricity. When was the last time you got an electrical shock from touching stone? Even though there are iron rods used in the building, brick, mortar or stone are non-conductive materials. Therefore, they are insulators against electrical discharges and static electricity. Even if the iron rods did somehow attract the static electricity, they would have acted like huge lighting rods and grounded any electrical buildup.

Correction: When the Colosseum was built, it was coated with metal. Though most of the metal is now gone there still is some metal coating left.

Corrected entry: When the virgil is ready to go into the earth's crust, they choose the Marianas Trench because they think that the crust is thinner there. That is false. The Marianas Trench is an area where one plate is subducting beneath another, and the subducting plate can reach over 500 miles into the mantle. They should have used a mid-ocean ridge, which can be only about 5-10 miles thick.

Correction: The fact that the Trench is a subduction zone is good. They would be able to follow the convection of the mantle downward. A mid-ocean ridge would have been pushing up against them, delaying them.

Corrected entry: The vessel is designed so that when any segment is damaged, it is jettisoned (along with any segment that is behind it) to save the rest of the ship. Knowing this, they put weapons control in the rear segment meaning that if any part was damaged, weapons control would be lost. That seems like a pretty major design flaw to be overlooked.

Correction: Dr Brazzleton explains Virgil has design flaws because he and his team only had three months to design, build and test it. Siting the weapons control system in a vulnerable spot is just another design flaw due to haste.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are about to give up the search for Virgil but hear the whales, Rat says to follow the whales. However, they are following the wrong whales. The "singing" we hear is that of the humpback whale, but the searchers follow a pod of orcas (killer whales). Budget only had room to rent whales from marine animal facilities, the most readily available of such being the killer whale.

Correction: This is a mistake, but it wasn't because they couldn't afford humpback whales. The whales were computer generated (listen to the commentary).

Corrected entry: Virgil has 6 compartments; the locomotive, navigation, living quarters, engineering, the bombs and weapons control. The last compartment is breached, ejected and crushed with Serge in it, leaving 5. There are 5 nuclear bombs dropped off in separate compartments after the destruction of weapons control, yet they still have the locomotive to get out of the core. That makes 7.


Correction: Virgil does have 7 compartments. The 6 compartments referred to earlier did not include the locomotive part of the ship.


Corrected entry: When the remaining crew go back up through the centre of the earth back to the crust and home again, how come they never run into any of the obstacles that they encountered on the way down, such as the massive diamonds?

Correction: They discuss that the fastest way to the surface is along a magma flow tube. If the tube runs from the core to the surface, they would just surf the magma through the tube.

Timothy Cheseborough

Corrected entry: When the pigeons are flying around Trafalgar Square, there is a close-up of a bus number plate. This is not a British number plate, as it should be.

Correction: The Red 'Routemaster' bus, pictured in the Trafalgar Square scene predates the current method of UK number plates - these buses were introduced in the 1950's. This is, in fact, a correct number plate for such a bus.

Corrected entry: When the last nuke is set and ejected in its compartment, the locomotive had no power, therefore the locomotive and the navigation compartment would have been sitting almost side by side at the time of the 5th nuke's detonation. Yet they have time to rewire Virgil and start the impellers before the blast wave from the final bomb hits them.

Correction: The locomotive wouldn't just come to a dead stop, it would still have a great deal of momentum. Add that to the fact that there's at least (probably more than) 8 minutes between the separation and detonation, and Virgil could probably have put enough distance between it and the blast.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Josh torched the peach, he held it only seconds after the demonstration. The peach maybe would have been the slightest bit too hot for him?

Correction: He never touched the peach. He only held the prong he used to torch it.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: When the French guy is being crushed in the damaged compartment of the ship he is having a conversation with the Dr. on the screen. You can see debris closing in around him, particularly from the front. Why is this happening if the compartment is being crushed from the back, as we can see from external shots?

Correction: It's possible that the camera could have been facing the back of the ship. If that was true, than Sairs actually could have been crushed by the front, as long as he was facing where the actually crushing was occurring. Therefore, it's certainly possible that Sairs was crushed from the front rather than the back.

Corrected entry: What the hell is up with the hull creating power? The hull changes heat into "energy"? Ya right. Welding a wire to the hull (which is full of "energy") results in an electrical current in the wire? It sure is convenient that the magical heat/energy/electricity transformation results in an alternating current to power the equipment.

Correction: A thermocouple is a wire used to generate electricity from heat. The wire is heated, which excites the atoms in the wire and causes the electrons in the atomic matrix to flow as an electrical current. An inverter to convert direct current to alternating current is available at any decent hardware store. Whether or not *enough* electricity can be generated this way is a matter for the suspension of disbelief (as the whole movie would be).

Corrected entry: In the earth's mantle the ship has to dodge 'diamonds the size of Cape Cod'. Not possible - diamonds are made of compressed carbon molecules. Laboratory experiments have proven that when superheated, diamonds will burn. The temperature inside the earth's mantle would be more than sufficient to reduce the diamonds to charcoal residue.

Correction: Actually, if they were diamonds present in the Earth's mantle, they would be not be burnt up. The temperatures are high enough in the mantle to burn crystallized carbon (aka. diamonds), however, the mantle lacks something crucial to any object burning. Oxygen. The diamonds are buried under miles and miles of rock separating them from the atmosphere. Thus, the lack of oxygen present in the surrounding environment would preclude any diamond burning.

Corrected entry: Even if some metal was invented to make the ship, which could withstand 9000 degrees, how did the metal get welded together in the first place?

Correction: Well, it is possible to create very high temperatures for a very short time.

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Dr. Josh Keyes: So what's this about then?
FBI Agent: We don't know. You have higher security clearance than us.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have security clearance?
FBI Agent: Yes sir, we're just here to take you to your jet.
Dr. Josh Keyes: I have a jet?!



The geodes occurring in the mantle during the film are impossible in two ways. Firstly, there are no gaps at those depths. The pressure is approximately 3.5 million times surface pressure, and it is not feasible that such structures could form, let alone be maintained. Secondly, the crystals inside the geodes are described as amethysts. Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz, and as any undergrad geology student could tell you, there is no quartz in the mantle, it simply is not stable at such high temperatures.



If you look closely with time-frame advance during the pigeon scene you will see a fish "flying" into a window instead of a pigeon.