Continuity mistake: When the two girls are on the floor, just as the phone rings, Tomoko (the girl in green) has her right hand on Masami's (girl in red) shoulder. Cut to a different angle but now, Tomoko has her hand on Masami's arm instead of her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When Reiko is talking to her camera man in the office, she places her left hand on top of her organizer. Cut to a different angle but now she has her left hand on the side of the organizer.

Revealing mistake: Near the end (DVD), when Sadako comes out of the TV, you can see where her finger extensions have been placed (you can see the join between her real finger and the fake one). (01:22:50)

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Yoichi Asakawa: Tomo-chan told me to.

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Trivia: During the climax, Sadako's unnatural movement was accomplished with a very simple in-camera effect - the actress performed the scene backwards. The footage was then reversed, which gave her movements an uncanny feeling, since they weren't quite "right." In addition, to further aid in giving her an uncanny appearance, the closeup of her eyeball in the final scenes of the film were actually shot with a male actor's eye... again to subtly make it feel not quite "right."


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Question: This may be weirdly specific, but does anyone know what the two background music clips from the Region 1 DVD menu are from? There's two different songs - one is a short, creepy 5-second clip that plays when you hit "Play Movie," and the other is the general background music from the DVD menu, which is a sort-of slow, sad guitar piece. I'm assuming they're just royalty free music from a collection of some sort, but I quite enjoy them.


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