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Corrected entry: Each time the video is shown, the final shot (of the well) is extended. When first shown, only the well is shown, then, when next viewed you see Sadako's hand appear. When Yoichi sees it, Sadako's head and hand appear climbing out. I suspect this was deliberate to provide ongoing clues.

Richard Johnson

Correction: This wasn't to increase clues or suspense. It was letting us know that the time when Sadako will come for the next victim is growing near. The same thing happens in the American remake.

Corrected entry: Monday 20th September is Asakawa's 7th day. When Asakawa is on the beach, it says Monday 19th September, then later, on the boat, it says Monday 20th September. This may be a mistake in translation, but it's still wrong.

Correction: On the boat, it has become morning. Notice that the storm is over? It signifies a day has passed. That's also the reason they kept mentioning it was her last day.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the film, listen to the words spoken by the women in the car. One of them says "RING", in English. That was the point in the film where it was explained what 'ring' meant (the cycle of events caused by the tape being passed on; the bit about it meaning "the ring around the well cover" was added in the US version), but the translators missed it out. (The subtitle is something like "It just goes on and on.")

Moose Premium member

Correction: The Japanese word "ringu" used in the film is an onomatopoeia. It is used in reference to the ringing of the phone and the ringing of the ears of the people in the film. If they meant a cycle, a different word would have been used. Regardless, the translators missed the real meaning, seeing it as a circle.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Tomoko is alone in the kitchen and turns off the TV, she goes back in the kitchen where she pours herself a drink. A second later she dies. But later when her mother tells Asakawa where she found Tomoko, she was siting in her room on the 1st floor. (00:19:10)

Correction: Actually, Tomoko never died instantly upon seeing Sadako. She should have tried to run away and went to her room where she died. This also explains how her friend saw what happened, of which later was traumatized and became crazy.

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