First Men In The Moon

First Men In The Moon (1964)

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Corrected entry: The modified diving helmet used by Edward Judd appears to be a size too small. On multiple occasions his nose bumps against the faceplate and several times his nose is squashed quite flat against the glass.

Correction: How is this a movie mistake? Everything was put together by an eccentric inventor, so he simply used what he had available.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When the UN astronauts find the Union Jack on the moon it is tattered and weathered, having been there for over sixty years. However, in reality, this would not occur in an airless environment such as the moon.

Correction: Items left on the moon will deteriorate, but not because of weather (obviously). The damage is caused by other factors, such as the effects of intense sunlight (which can cause fabric to bleach and become brittle), and also because of the constant rain of micro-meteorites (which the Earth is protected from by our atmosphere). Other effects include landslides, thermal stress from rapid temperature changes, etc.

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The Grand Lunar: You say men cling to different tongues and beliefs. Is there no-one ruler?
Joseph Cavor: No. No, every century some despot tries, but up to now no-one's succeeded. People like Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Napoleon.
The Grand Lunar: Does this not lead to confusion?
Joseph Cavor: Yes, it does. And worse. Starvation... hostility... even war.
The Grand Lunar: Tell me of war.
Joseph Cavor: Tell you of war? Oh my goodness... Well... it usually starts with a whacking great explosion.



When the Victorian astronauts are on the moon they are dressed in deep sea diving suits - without gloves.



NASA at one time used this movie to train astronauts on how to land on the Moon.