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Mister Roberts (1955)

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Corrected entry: In the scene near the end in which Ensign Pulver reads a letter from a friend reporting the death of Mister Roberts, the friend writes that Roberts and another officer died during a kamikaze attack on their destroyer while drinking coffee in the wardroom. In real life, wouldn't the two have been at General Quarters during such an attack, not drinking coffee below decks?

Correction: This comment supposes that the ship was AT General Quarters. It's entirely possible that the ship Mr. Roberts was killed on was simply sailing and the kamikaze plane came out of the sun such that no lookout would have spotted them in time to sound General Quarters. Not all kamikaze attacks happened during regular battles.

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In the scene where the Reluctant is in the port of Elysium and the men are on shore leave, a truck load of MPs show up. Ttheir patrol leader tells Mr. Roberts that his men will be stationed along the starboard side of Mr. Roberts ship for the remainder of its stay in port because of the problems various members of the ship had been causing while on shore leave. No sooner do the MPs line up along the side of the ship do you see one of the ships crew flying down the dock on a motorcycle. When the motorcycle passes the ship the MPs who just 10 seconds before were lined up along the ships starboard side are now nowhere to be seen.