Thunderpants (2002)


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Placido P. Placeedo: You are singing the high bit... with your arse?

Johnson J. Johnson: Will you help us, slugger?

Gen. Ed Sheppard: You're a fruit, son.

Alan A. Allen: I am an inventor, Patrick. An inventor of machines.

Gen. Ed Sheppard: Who gave you ladies permission to blubber?
Gen. Ed Sheppard: Now let's blow ass.

Patrick Smash: I cannot control my arse.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alan is showing him how the Thunderpants work, he puts them into a machine to get rid of the stink or whatever it is. It makes a load of noise and just before he takes it out again you see the lights change and he is drumming his fingers just behind them. The very next shot shows him with his hands by his sides.

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Trivia: When the main agent verifies his hand against the screen, one of the pieces of information listed is 'Sector 7G'. This is where Homer Simpson works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

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