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Corrected entry: In the deleted scenes section of the DVD, Warren lets himself out of the back of a police car when he's being dropped off back at the supermarket after his shoplifting arrest. Most police cars are modified so that the backseat doors must be opened from the outside. (00:17:00)

Correction: Yes, most police cars are modified to prevent the backseat doors from being opened from inside. But this is by using the child lock on the door frame, not some grand modification that can't be undone. The officer simply has to slide the child lock off before closing the door, letting Warren open the backseat door from the inside.


Corrected entry: While flying from Omaha to Denver, Schmidt flies Midwest Express (now Midwest Airlines) and the gate agent announces it as a flight from Omaha to Denver. Midwest Express does not and has never flown directly from Omaha to Denver.

Correction: Republic Airlines flew that route under the Midwest name.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie the leaves on the trees are at various stages of emerging in the Springtime. As time goes forward, sometimes the leaves are open, and sometimes the trees are bare like in winter.

Correction: Its not unreasonable for trees to be late/early in producing/losing their leaves. Schmidt is travelling across America, he may have entered a part where the climate is different.

Corrected entry: When Schmidt is returning to Omaha, Nebraska from Denver, Colorado, he drives west across the Missouri River from Iowa. He should have been arriving from the west.

Correction: I live in Omaha. He could have taken the highway through South Dakota (much safer than the highway going straight through Nebraska), down into Iowa and entering Omaha from the East.

Corrected entry: In the establishing shot of Tony Roma's restaurant, where the rehearsal dinner takes place, a First National Bank of Omaha logo is visible in the background on the next building over. This scene is supposed to take place in Denver, where there are no branches of the First National Bank of Omaha. (01:34:00)

Correction: Schmidt lives and works in Omaha, thus the scene correctly takes place in Omaha. Jeannie, Schmidt's daughter lives in Denver.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Schmidt's daughter and boyfriend are flying back from the his wife's funeral Schmidt goes to the rampway with them. It has been quite a time since non-ticketed people were allowed beyond the security screening checkpoint. (00:38:55)

Correction: About Schmidt was filmed during the Spring and Summer of 2001. This was before September 11th and when people could still accompany airline passengers to the gate.

Corrected entry: On his way out of the Woodmen building Warren sees his files ready for disposal. The way the boxes are stacked changes between shots: On the side where you saw three brown boxes among the white ones are now only white ones. (00:15:25)


Correction: The first shot of the boxes is from the front, and you can see more of the brown boxes. The second shot is a view from the side of the stack, thus showing only the brown boxes that are on the end of the stack.

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Corrected entry: The degree of greyness of Warren's hair keeps changing throughout the movie. Usually, it's dark brown when when it's combed, and grey when it's messy, very significantly when he sits down at his desk on the morning after the retirement party. It looks as if they used different wigs for different degrees of tidiness. (00:10:00)


Correction: Men usually wet their hair when they comb it back that way. It's possible it looks darker when combed because it's wet.

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Corrected entry: When Warren visits his fellow mobile homers and Vinnie, the wife, is talking about Warren being such a sad man, she is holding a pillow in her lap. When the camera angle changes the pillow is at her side. (01:03:45)


Correction: The pillow is always at her side. The first angle is shot from her right, where the pillow and sofa arm are. The top edge of the pillow shows, but it's not on her lap.

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Corrected entry: When Warren and Roberta sit in the makeshift Jacuzzi she reaches out and puts her hand on his knee. When the camera angle changes as he is making his escape, Roberta's arm is rested on the side of the pool as if she had been in this relaxed position already before. (01:37:10)


Correction: In watching the Jacuzzi scene, Roberta's left arm is NOT on the ledge, after groping Warren's knee. It's not shown on the ledge again.

mary malani

Corrected entry: In the scene before the funeral Randall's ponytail is only about 2 inches long. When Randall comes in later to tell about his business adventure the ponytail is about 9 inches long.

Correction: When Jeannie and Randall arrive at the airport to attend the funeral you don't get a clear view of Randall's ponytail, not enough to judge its length - Warren's head is always in the way. Thereafter the length doesn't change for the rest of the movie.


Corrected entry: After Schmidt takes his daughter to the Omaha airport, he goes out to his car (a recent model Cadillac), and it won't start. Next, we see the tow truck pulling up. We never see his Caddy again. Two weeks later, he takes off in the Winnebago, with the Caddy nowhere to be seen. What happened to it?


Correction: At no point after the Cadillac gets towed you get to see enough of the driveway or the street in front of the house to say that the car is gone. A stronger argument is that Warren uses the mobile home even to run small errands, like shopping or beating up Jay for having had an affair with his wife. In my opinion, the car could still be in the workshop as he had totally fallen apart in the first weeks after his wife's death and probably had no mind for such minor worries.


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