Loaded Weapon 1

Corrected entry: When Colt is suiting up 3/4 of the way through the movie, he puts on a string of pearls, in the wide shot just before he falls over due to the weight of the equipment they aren't around his neck.

Correction: Yes they are, you can see them round his neck.

Corrected entry: At the end when Colt and Luger get into the car, Claire, Destiny and Becker are all in the back seat despite the fact that Claire and Becker were never freed by Colt and Destiny was killed, saving Colt, a few moments earlier.

Correction: Its a spoof film, nothing much is meant to make sense, hence the characters being in the car.

Corrected entry: After Colt and Luger have finished the bad guys, Colt wants to light a cigarette, but Luger dissuades him and he throws it away, and it lights the leaking gasoline. However, the fire does not start on the spot where the cigarette is lying; it was set off from the edge of the screen.

Correction: Actually, this is factually accurate, as the "vapors" from gasoline are the most flammable, NOT the liquid itself, so the resulting fire would have started where the vapors were most concentrated, which could have been anywhere around the spill, including offscreen.


Visible crew/equipment: When Emilio and Sam arrive at the "Squealer's Motel" and get out of the car, the camera man and sound man are visible in the window behind them as they walk towards the group of police.

David Mercier
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Jack Colt: Who are you?
Mr. Jigsaw: I'm your worst nightmare.
Jack Colt: No, waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare.

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Question: The station wagon they use in Loaded Weapon 1, is it the same car they use in the Lethal Weapon movies, or is it one that just looks similar?

Answer: Just one that looks similar.

Gavin Jackson
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