Loaded Weapon 1

Visible crew/equipment: When Samuel L. Jackson and Emilio Estevez arrive at the cookie factory for the second time, when Emilio opens the door, the camera and the crew are reflected in the door.


Visible crew/equipment: When Emilio and Sam arrive at the "Squealer's Motel" and get out of the car, the camera man and sound man are visible in the window behind them as they walk towards the group of police.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: Near the start of the film where Emilio is making himself a very large drink, the bottles of alcohol move about on the bar between shots and camera angles.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: In the flashback where the dog (Claire) is spraying lighter fluid on the barbeque, notice the direction of the nozzle before and after the explosion. Before it is pointing towards the barbeque and afterwards it is right angles to it, facing towards the camera, meaning that if it were squeezed it would not hit the barbeque at all. And I very much doubt the explosion could cause the bottle to rotate in this manner.

David Mercier

Revealing mistake: When Emilio is breaking into the cookie factory, he finds a key under a welcome mat. He then opens the door before fully unlocking it with the key.

Jack Colt: Who are you?
Mr. Jigsaw: I'm your worst nightmare.
Jack Colt: No, waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare.

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Question: The station wagon they use in Loaded Weapon 1, is it the same car they use in the Lethal Weapon movies, or is it one that just looks similar?

Answer: Just one that looks similar.

Gavin Jackson
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