Revealing mistake: When you watch the accident scene frame by frame you see that Laroche's mother and uncle are replaced by dummies. You can see the joints in his mother's hands and a large spring that holds his uncle's head in place. (00:41:50)


Continuity mistake: When the police officer drives by the two cars of the orchid stealers they are in the shade. When he stops and looks back the sun is shining on the cars, also when he gets out and walks over. (00:07:40)

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Donald Kaufman: Anyway, listen, I meant to ask you, I need a cool way to kill people. Don't worry, for my script.
Charlie Kaufman: I don't write that kind of stuff.
Donald Kaufman: Oh, come on, man, please? You're the genius.
Charlie Kaufman: Here you go. The killer's a literature professor. He cuts off little chunks from his victims' bodies until they die. He calls himself "the deconstructionist."

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Trivia: The "technology vs. horse" scenario that Donald tells Charlie he is putting in his screenplay was done in the movie 'True Lies'. Technology won, by the way.

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