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Corrected entry: In the scene just after the courthouse, Charlie looks at a map and begins to type. He types 'We begin on State ROAD 29' but the voice over says 'We begin on State ROUTE 29'.


Correction: He could have changed it in a later draft, or it could have been changed by someone else. The screenwriter is nowhere near the last person to see the script before it goes into production.

Corrected entry: When Charlie runs into the Valerie who was meeting with Orlean in the restaurant, Charlie says that he doesn't want to meet Orlean, then runs out of the restaurant without his food that he had originally come to pick up. But in the next scene, Charlie is in his car eating his food.



Correction: Charlie is eating a hamburger in his car, he could have easily picked up food (to replace the meal he left behind) at a different place after bumping into Valerie at the restaurant.

Corrected entry: When Amelia says "I love you too" to Charlie near the film's end, her lips do not move.

Correction: Her lips do move, not much though but they do.

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