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Corrected entry: What is the point in the 'tracker' marks that 'They' leave on their victims when they abduct them as a child? The film goes to great lengths to explain how 'They' mark you as a child with these blemishes, and then when these marks come back 'They' come to claim you, but seeing as Billy (the kid who kills himself in the cafe) had actually removed his, and yet 'They' were still able to track him down.

Correction: What do you mean, Billy removed his mark? In the cafe, Julie (I think that's her name) sees the mark and asks him how he did it. He tells her it's a long story. So he very obvious did not remove his mark.


Corrected entry: In the diner when Billy kills himself Julia gets a face full of blood. In the next shot of her face, there is very little blood.

Correction: I'm sure there's been quite a bit of time between when her friend killed himself and the next shot of her putting water on her face. Before coming home, she would have had to have given a statement to the police and would have had time to clean herself up a bit.


Corrected entry: One of the major characteristics of 'They' is that they disrupt all kinds of things, especially electricity. Now, when Julia is driving along in her car, it shorts out when 'They' are around. All power shuts off, and the headlights power down. Since the power interference is often flickery, I can accept that when she starts the car it will at least try and start, rather than merely clicking uselessly like any car with a dead battery will. However, Julia turns on her four-way hazard lights, which blink properly the entire time the rest of the car is completely dead.

Correction: That is not a mistake because it was simply just a dream .......


Corrected entry: When Julia runs into the bathroom when she has her night terror she opens her medicine cabinet and slams it shut which breaks the mirror. When her boyfriend comes running in to calm her down the mirror is not broken.

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Correction: She was dreaming. You'll also notice that her hand wasn't covered entirely in that dark gunk, and that there wasn't really an alternate universe behind the mirror.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, the little boy has big brown eyes. 19 years later, when the boy is shown as an adult in the diner, he has big blue eyes.

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Terry: What do you think went through Billy's mind when he did it?
Sam: The bullet.

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