Factual error: Frank, Archie and Snowy are all rural boys from New South Wales, but they all play Australian Rules football expertly. In 1915 Australian Rules was completely unknown outside of Melbourne. In a time before television or film they wouldn't even know what the ball looked like. In fact the game was only established in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide in the 1980s, and is still not terribly popular there. There is no way in the world three people from outside the state would know how to play the game, let alone with such skill.

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Suggested correction: Given that the game was being played in New South Wales by 1877, and had, in fact, spread to almost every Australian territory by 1915, it's hardly unreasonable that they'd know how to play it.

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They are playing a modern, up top date version of Australian Rules football which was totally unknown outside of Victoria until about 1950. Teams were only established in New South Wales and Queensland in the Seventies and Eighties! It is still not terribly popular in other states where Rugby rules. The game outside of Victoria played during World War One bore no resemblance at all to the very modern game they are playing in the film; in fact it played more like Rugby Union than Australian Rules. The posting is absolutely correct.

Factual error: Mel Gibson sits around the campfire at the railway camp with the lads, reading newspaper reports of the April 25, 1915 landing at Gallipoli. The 3rd Light Horse Brigade (including the 10th Light Horse Regiment from Western Australia) landed at Gallipoli on 20 May 1915. This would have given him less than 3 weeks to enlist, train, travel to Egypt by ship and land on the Peninsula. A bit of a stretch. In reality, the 10 Light Horse regiment was raised in October 1914, with the 1st-3rd reinforcements departing Fremantle February 19-22, 1915.

Factual error: Mel Gibson and Mark Lee leave their jobs working on the Pichi Richi Railway (north of Adelaide) to join the Australian Light Horse Brigade (about to sail to Turkey from Perth in 1914). To do this, we see them travel over 1000 miles across the Nullarbor Plain by train. But the tracks were not laid until 1927.

Factual error: Before the heroes are about to go over the top of the trenches to certain death, the Captain plays a recording on his gramophone of Pachabel's canon, a now famous piece of music, full of pathos and very suitable to the scene. However, although written in 17th century Venice, the music lay forgotten in a dusty library until the 1960s.

Factual error: The two heroes are seen arriving at Adelaide Station (name changed to Perth) behind a South Australian RX Class steam locomotive running on 5 feet 3 inch gauge rails. The Western Australian Railway system serving Perth Station at the time used 3 feet 6 inch gauge rails and more recently standard gauge, but never the Irish gauge. The locomotive is much too big for authenticity.

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