Gallipoli (1981)

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The final battle seems one-sided to the Turks, because the Australian Groups are getting killed before they reach ten-feet of the Turks trench. Archy (Lee) is in the next group to attack. Maj. Barton (Hunter) sends Frank (Gibson) to Gen. Gardener to try and stop the next wave of the attack. The General decides to stop the attack, but Maj. Barton blows the whistle for attack before Frank could deliver the message. Frank falls down screaming, as Archy runs as fast as he can towards the trench and gets shot.

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Mel Gibson sits around the campfire at the railway camp with the lads, reading newspaper reports of the April 25, 1915 landing at Gallipoli. The 3rd Light Horse Brigade (including the 10th Light Horse Regiment from Western Australia) landed at Gallipoli on 20 May 1915. This would have given him less than 3 weeks to enlist, train, travel to Egypt by ship and land on the Peninsula. A bit of a stretch. In reality, the 10 Light Horse regiment was raised in October 1914, with the 1st-3rd reinforcements departing Fremantle February 19-22, 1915.



Australian playwright David Williamson makes a cameo as the tall player in the opposing team in the football match held near the Pyramids in Egypt.