Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

Continuity mistake: When the group is arriving in Moscow the plane shown during the landing is an Ilyushin Il-62, with four engines on the tail. When they exit the plane and are greeted, you can see an engine under the wing of the plane.

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the car chase scene near the end of the movie when Connors jumps on to the black car the windshield is only slightly lowered. Later during the chase the gap is much bigger and when we see Callahan struggling in the back seat it's lowered all the way down. Also, Connors grip on the car keeps changing between closeups and far off shots.

Continuity mistake: When Lt. Talinsky and his fellow Russian officer arrive to the warehouse in the yellow car, we see Talinsky in the passenger side of a left-hand drive car and in one shot when the car is spinning, he's now sitting in the driver side (as if the film was flipped). We also see shots of the car with the window rolled up and close up shots of the window rolled down.


Continuity mistake: When the American and Russian police officers arrive at Konali's warehouse in the police van, shots inside the van you can see the window curtains closed, even the back one. On outside shots, some of the curtains are opened, most noticeably the back one. The clearest example of this is when the van is spinning out of control.


Continuity mistake: When the Commandant Rakov is playing the Gameboy, it's in the off position.


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The Russian flag in the Russian commander's office is upside down.



Bubba Smith was originally going to reprise his role as Hightower. One day, Marion Ramsey called up Bubba in tears wondering why she wasn't asked to return as her character Hooks. Bubba already knew that Marion was having some financial difficulties and said he would see what he could do. He called up the producers and asked if she could be in the movie. When they said that Hooks couldn't be written into the script, Bubba refused to take part in the movie.