Plato's Run

Trivia: Throughout the film they'll be a random dragonfly that continues to show up. Granted, this happens in the swampyland section of the film, but it is cool. The dragonfly first shows up when Plato's swampboat runs aground and grenades are thrown at it from a heli. As everything explodes, pause or slow-mo the film to see a beautiful dragonfly race across the film. Later on, when the German Shepard runs to Plato and his daughter at the end of the film, notice how the dragonfly makes its cameo again. It is almost artistic and almost seems intentional.

Trivia: When the FBI is tracking Sam outside his house and Sam makes a go for it on a motorcycle, it begins to rain. An agent runs out of his car and up to a wet boardwalk to watch Sam speed off. As he does this he slips hard and lands on his rear end and then gets back up again.

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