Relative Values

Relative Values (2000)


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Miranda Frayle: You planned all this business of Dora dressing up, didn't you, just to belittle me in front of Nigel, to make me look like a fool?
Felicity Marshwood: I rather think you contributed to that rather generously yourself.

Miranda Frayle: I'm absolutely determined that the Countess of Marshwood shall be the longest, and greatest, role I ever played.
Felicity Marshwood: I do hope you won't find it too much of a strain.
Nigel: Mother.
Felicity Marshwood: I do know what I'm talking about. I've played it for years. I find it a good part, but technically rather exhausting.

Don Lucas: This ain't no mock Tudor in Beverly Hills, baby, and you don't fit in here.

Nigel: We just say riding in England. The horseback is taken for granted.

Nigel: You don't like her, do you mother?
Felicity Marshwood: Well of course I don't, I think she is a perfect ass.

Continuity mistake: One of the characters flies from America to England. He takes off in a Pan-Am Boeing Stratocruiser, but lands in a TWA Lockheed Constellation.

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