The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid
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Old-timer: Any damn fool can get himself shot full of holes.
Cole Younger: It ain't hard gettin' shot. It's the gettin' back up.


Jesse James: We'll make this smug Yankee town weep, or we'll blow it to kingdom come.
Cole Younger: No, we ain't either, Jesse. Only a fool smokes up a town when it ain't necessary.

Jesse James: I can't think of one, can you? I've searched back through the crannies of my mind. I can't think of one single honest man we ever robbed.
Frank James: 'Cause we robbed the robbers, that's why. Just the railroads, the banks, all the damned plughats.
Jesse James: Talk about givin' us amnesty. Hell, it's up to us to give amnesty to them.

Chief detective: From now on, you men are farmers. Your job is to plow them under like manure. Now get those sons of bitches.

Boy: Come on, Cole. Take off your shirt so we can see your bullet wounds.
Cole Younger: Oh, hell, ain't no difference from any other man's bullet holes.

Other mistake: In the shot where the men are playing a game of baseball, if you look carefully in the background you will see that cars are driving down the highway. Considering that this movie was supposed to take place in the 1800's...

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