The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man (1941)

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Corrected entry: Talbot insists that his father tie him to a chair. He is wearing a T-shirt & trousers. After turning into the Wolf Man, Talbot is prowling through the foggy woods. He now has on a long sleeve shirt.

Correction: Larry is wearing a long sleeve shirt when he is tied down. The only time he is seen with a t-shirt is when he goes through his first transformation.

Corrected entry: The Wolf Man steps in a steel trap. The jaws have snapped shut above his ankle. As he rolls around on the ground, the trap is shown to have snapped shut between the ankle & the toes. When the gypsy woman shows up, the trap is again shut above the ankle.

Correction: After closely watching this scene again, it was determined that the trap remains above the ankle the entire time.

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