The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man (1941)

Ending / spoiler

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The Wolf Man finds Gwen and attacks her. Sir John, hearing the screams, rushes to the scene and begins to strike the Wolf Man with the silver handled cane eventually killing the Wolf Man. The gypsy woman Maleva appears and as she says a prayer, the Wolf Mans body slowly begins to turn back into Larry. Sir John is shocked to see his son now lying dead on the ground and many people believe that Larry died protecting Gwen from an ordinary wolf.

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Early in the film, when the gypsy Bela becomes a wolf that attacks Jenny and bites Talbot, he is in true four-legged animal form, sans clothing. After being killed, his human corpse is wearing clothes although it is remarked that his feet are bare. Later, when Talbot transforms, he is a Wolf-Man, wearing clothes and walking on two legs.



The werewolf that attacks Larry is actually a dog that belonged to a security guard who worked at Universal Studios.