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Corrected entry: When Quallian points his pistol at Jess at the top of the peak when she thinks it's Frank in the helicopter, he is aiming at her from within the helicopter through the windshield. The chances of him actually hitting her with a round would be slim to none. She had plenty of time to get away.

Correction: You're assuming a mountain tour guide knows the probability that a deranged man with a gun has of hitting her. It's not a character mistake or any other kind of movie mistake that she surrendered and chose not to risk getting fatally shot in that situation.


Corrected entry: After Qualen magically happens upon Jessie across the vast mountainscape in the rescue helicopter, he holds Jessie at gunpoint to take her hostage despite him being the pilot. How is he expected to take her hostage when he has a helicopter to fly? Is Qualen seriously capable of aiming and shooting a pistol accurately while piloting a helicopter if Jessie were to run away? Is the audience really expected to believe that Jessie stayed put while Qualen lands the helicopter, exit it, and then take Jessie captive?

Correction: Jessie isn't used to having guns pointed at her. It's entirely feasible she froze and/or wasn't thinking for a strategic get out. If she had decided to run then yes, Qualen would have had a problem but for the purposes of the movie, her character decision was to freeze when a psychopathic criminal pointed a gun at her and she wasn't able to think enough that running would save her as he can't fly and shoot.


Corrected entry: After the bad guys kill Frank, Hal takes Frank's pocketknife and puts it into his LEFT leg pocket (right above his shoe). Later, towards the end of the fight scene with Craig Fairbrass, he quickly pulls it out of his RIGHT leg pocket!

Correction: He actually does take it out of his left leg pocket.


Corrected entry: I would like someone to explain to me how the sequence with the bridge blowing up works; The two heroes try to emerge from the cave but are foiled as the bad guys blow it up. They swing round a cavern on the rope onto the next face and climb up onto the top. I presume they are still on the same side of the bridge, (otherwise, why cross over the bridge again?). Yet, they then proceed to cross the bridge you see Gabe (Stallone) trigger the explosives on the opposite side, (which we never see planted - only the one for the cave), and race back to the same side. Presumably, they needed to cross the bridge to keep up with the badguys but as the bridge is now destroyed how do they get across? Unless, the other group is going very slowly and an alternative route is not too far away, wouldn't they take too long going this second way and miss the third suitcase? I think there's a mistake there somewhere but could someone work it out for me.

Correction: The plan was that bomb would destroy the bridge so that the two heroes would fall to their deaths. They did not expect them to get back to other side of the bridge so fast.

Corrected entry: When the old man is shot while trying to help the girl who is pretending to be hurt, you clearly see he is shot on the right hand side of his chest, but when his friend runs over to him, the bullet wounds are on the left-hand side of his chest.

Correction: He's shot many times, but the first bullet does enter his upper left chest.

Corrected entry: During the fight scene with Sly and the black man in the cave, Sly grabs the guy and is about to impale him onto a hanging icicle. Watch carefully, they show you the icicle before he is impaled, and it is ALREADY bloody and dripping.

Correction: It's a stalactite, not an icicle. Also, it is formed of an orange-red rock, so looks like it's bloody when it's not. It is dripping, but so are all of the stalactites in the cavern due to melting snow/ice.

Corrected entry: If you look closely when the girl first grooms the horse it is on the same side of the fence as her. She then walks directly towards the house, (with no other fences visible). When she returns to finish grooming the horse is now on the opposite side of the fence. This means that the horse has either managed to hop over the fence during the dialogue or it is a different horse. Yet when the camera pulls back at the end of the scene you only see one lightly coloured horse, with a second (black or brown) one is just visible on the right of the screen, (for the widescreen DVD anyway). So where did this third one come from?

Correction: There are 3 horses in the pen, 2 brown and one black. She unties the one, then walks off. Gabe follows her, and we see him walk through and close a gate (they have now left the pen). Behind her, as she is talking/walking, we see two other horses, one brown one black, both tied to the fence. The easiest way to see the difference between the 2 brown is that one has a brown face, one has a white face.

Corrected entry: Early on when Sly comes back to talk his girlfriend, she is grooming a horse - she unties it and walks off, as we come back again the horse has tied itself back to the fence.

Correction: There are two brown horses in the pen. She unties one of them, then leaves the pen and comes back with food which she feeds to the other one, the one still tied up.

Corrected entry: Not only does Stallone wear just a t-shirt and baseball cap several miles above sea level, but he is sweating profusely throughout the movie.

Correction: A common misconception is that snow and ice areas are always cold. (Most of the time, yes, but glacial travel can be oven hot.). The contributer of the 'mistake' has obviously never climbed. Dangling several hundred feet above the ground on rock or ice tools makes you sweat. It's hard energetic work and the adrenalin rush doesn't half induce a bead of perspiration..

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie you never see their breath even though it is cold.

Correction: Yes you do see breath. See the scene with the night vision.


Correction: If the air is very dry you don't see the breath. Depending on the saturation of the air you can see breath or not, it is even possible to see the breath in rather warm temperatures if the air is saturated enough.

Ronnie Bischof

Once the temperature drops below a certain degree, around 42°F, you'll always see your breath, no matter how dry it is. Although, as you stated, if combined relative humidity is 100%, you'll be able to see your breath at any temperature.


Corrected entry: When Gabe is climbing alone he zaps the rock with a 'bolt gun' however as he is not using any rope or other climbing gear there is no need.

Correction: Professional "free hand" climbers will often place hook on cliffs they climb for other, less experienced climbers. They do work in a national park, with lots of vacationers climbing yearly.

Corrected entry: When Gabe is trying to stop the girl from falling, Frank is rather obviously smiling and when she actually falls, he's laughing.

Correction: He is not laughing. He is wincing.


No, he is quite obviously laughing and smiling. In fact, watching the scene again, once Sarah's mechanism breaks, there is hardly a shot where he is not smiling.


Audio problem: Just before the crashed jet skids to a stop, you can hear the jet engines despite them being ripped off with the tail fin quite a way back, so you shouldn't be able to hear them.


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Travers: Get off my back, Qualen.
Qualen: Off? I haven't even got on it... yet.

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Trivia: The stunt early on in the film where Eric Qualen and his team do the plane to plane transfer was performed by British stuntman Simon Crane. The stunt was performed at an altitude of 2.95 miles (4.75 km) and was the most expensive stunt ever performed costing £568,000(£1 million). Sly Stallone is said to have reduced his fee by that amount to ensure the stunt was made.

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Question: I'd like to know who performed the stunt near the end of the movie where Gabe jumps from the cliff as he runs from Qualin in the helicopter, and then catches the ladder on the way down. I thought that looked incredible.

Answer: There are two stunt doubles for Mr Stallone on, their names are Mark De Alessandro and Jeff O' Haco. The site doesn't specify who did what.


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