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Stay Tuned (1992)

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Continuity mistake: When Roy heads back into the dish to rescue Helen, he brings his remote with him. However, later on when the scene cuts to the kids watching their parents on the TV, the remote is seen on the table in front of them.

Audio problem: When the kid drinking beer says, "Get me another one babe," his mouth says "bitch," not babe. (00:50:50)


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Darryl Knable is being sucked toward the satellite dish, you can see a crew member's hands lift him up into the air. (00:33:25)

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Roy returns to rescue Helen, he runs into Spike and then gets shot by him in the chest. When Spike checks Roy, he finds that the remote in his shirt pocket stopped the bullet. However, there isn't a hole in the shirt pocket.

Other mistake: When Daryl climbs over the fence to get power from the neighbors' house, he attaches car jumper cables to the house power box. We saw on his way over that the other end of the cable isn't connected to his house yet. Attaching the cable to the terminals should not have made any spark unless the other end of the cable clamps were touching.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Helen Knable is tied to a wagon on the train tracks; a tarp blows away to reveal that the wagon to which she is tied, is filled with crates of dynamite. During the next few cuts the tarp is back over the dynamite and then gone again.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the film when Spike is hanging from the chandelier; Crowley is shown to be in a suit of armor. When he starts to hop away to cut down the chandelier with an ax; the left leg of the suit of armor that is left behind, falls over. After it has fallen, you can see a small metal rod being retracted into the floor. This rod was obviously being used to hold the leg into place until it was supposed to fall over.

Continuity mistake: During the music video for "Start Me Up," one of the dancers accidentally turns down the volume to the music, and we see the "Volume" status bar on the screen decrease. The dancers stop and act confused until one of them turns the volume back up again. The problem is, the "Volume" bar on the screen gradually increases, yet we hear the sound come back suddenly, as though someone just pressed a "mute" button.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Darryl first discovers the large TV, it is off and you can see his reflection in it. The camera starts to track backwards and you can see movement on the couch. A shadow changes, that of the camera operator.

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Spike: Ew, you're the ugliest bitch in perdition - but you've given me a beautiful idea.

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Trivia: When Roy is flipping through the channels while he is in the TV, he flips over the couch. Two girls come in and ask, "Where have you been?" Roy screams at the panning camera and leaves. That show was Three's Company, which made John Ritter famous.

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