Clear And Present Danger

Revealing mistake: When Jack Ryan goes to Ernesto Escabeda's residence and asks to see Ernesto, as he is led up to the house we see his two companions on a roof top ledge watching through binoculars and one of them says "He's in", if you look at that shot closely the suppressor on the mp5 laying next to the sniper is fitted at a decidedly wonky looking angle.

Revealing mistake: There is a scene where the Army team is moving through the Colombian jungle. At one point one of the team members has the muzzle of his weapon pointing straight at the camera. You can clearly see the Blank Firing Adapter (BFA), a shiny brass looking thing, in the compensator of his M-16.

Revealing mistake: There is a scene where a jet flies over a city which the movie states that is Bogota, Colombia. But those who have been around South America will notice that this scene shows Quito in Ecuador, not Bogota. This doesn't only happen in that scene, but also at the airport scene where the jet lands. You can notice a couple of Ecuatoriana 707s as well as some other Ecuadorean airliners in the background. Also, if this were El Dorado airport in Bogota, you wouldn't see Pichincha mountain, first of all, and secondly Pichincha wouldn't appear so close to the airport as it does if this were to be Bogota.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Jack Ryan is arguing with the President, his "A" tag switches from being over the lapel of his jacket to under it, without him moving.

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Felix Cortez: What would you say if I promised you that I would reduce the cocaine shipments to your country by half?
James Cutter: I'd say you were using too much of your own product.

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