Clambake (1967)

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Corrected entry: After a late afternoon ride away from Miami Beach on Elvis' motorcycle, he and Shelley Fares stop at a deserted beach to watch the sun set over the water. Unfortunately, Miami Beach faces east and the sun sets in the west.

Correction: Don't confuse Miami with Miami Beach. South Miami Beach had beach at both its eastern and western shores, the eastern shore being more popular due to its profusion of hotels. Also, we don't know how far they drove, so they could even have ended up at Key Biscayne (it fits with the lighthouse seen in some shots), which also had western facing beach area to watch a lovely sunset.

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Scott Heyward: You know something, Pa? I would have traded everything you've ever given me for one thing - for trust in me.
Duster Heyward: Well, what are you talkin', son? I've always trusted ya. I was just tryin' to make things easy is all.
Scott Heyward: That's just it, Pa. I don't want things easy. I want to be able to make my own mistakes and work 'em out.

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