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Revealing mistake: The spy contact lenses that Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy use were originally supposed to be for Carlos, but if you notice, the lens that Owen Wilson uses is blue to match his eye colour. Carlos has brown eyes.

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Revealing mistake: When Owen Wilson rides in the trunk of the bad guys' car in order to find the airplane, the car passes by a narrow street - and on the left hand side you see a blue Italian "Senso unico" (One Way street sign), revealing that the sequence was shot somewhere in Italy and not in Budapest.


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At the end of the movie when Owen Wilson stops Eddie Murphy from leaving after they see that Carlos has taken credit for saving the day and is telling him about the hover gel there is a black car outside behind Eddie that people get in and leave, then the car is back, disappears and reappears when the camera is going back and forth from Eddie to Owen.



In the scene right after Eddie Murphy gets in a fight with Owen Wilson and Eddie gets arrested, Owen is walking in an industrial area. While he is walking a "stray" dog runs behind him. I personally know that this dog belongs to the director.