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Corrected entry: When Owen and Eddie are down in the sewer system and they start talking one scene shows Owen's bow tie undone, but in the next scene it is done up again.

Correction: It is the type of scene where they show different conversations to simulate a long time. There showed three different conversations, and the middle one they both did have their bowties undone, but it is quite possible that they were getting ready to leave so they did the ties again.

James Storck

Corrected entry: When the Hungarian 'bad guys' rush out of the van, they aren't speaking Hungarian, they are just blabbering.

Correction: They are likely American BNS agents in Hungary. They already know that Kelly can't speak Hungarian. There is no reason for them to speak Hungarian either - blabbering serves the same purpose.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Why would a SECRET AGENT be given a tickertape parade with the president and front page headlines? His career would essentially be over.

Correction: His career would not be over as he's a SPECIAL agent not a SECRET Agent.

Corrected entry: When Owen Wilson opens up his watch, there are two different coloured lenses for the camera and receiver; blue for Owen and brown for Eddie. however, when Owen is trying to seduce Famke Janssen, they had switched the lenses around, but there is no colour change in either of their eyes.

Correction: When they first use the contact lenses, Owen has the camera and Eddie is watching everything that Owen sees, the same goes for the seduction scene. They never switched lenses, therefore the colour would not have to change.

Corrected entry: When Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy insert the cameras into their eyes, Owen nods his head up and down vigorously. This should cause Eddie Murphy's view of himself to bob up and down but the view of his head doesn't move.

Correction: Usually while someone is nodding their head, their eyes are still fixed on a certain point, in this case being Eddie Murphy.

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At the end of the movie when Owen Wilson stops Eddie Murphy from leaving after they see that Carlos has taken credit for saving the day and is telling him about the hover gel there is a black car outside behind Eddie that people get in and leave, then the car is back, disappears and reappears when the camera is going back and forth from Eddie to Owen.



In the scene right after Eddie Murphy gets in a fight with Owen Wilson and Eddie gets arrested, Owen is walking in an industrial area. While he is walking a "stray" dog runs behind him. I personally know that this dog belongs to the director.