The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Corrected entry: In the scene where the pachyderm animals of Mordor are introduced in the battle, there's a shot that pans the front of the line of them. One animal has wood connecting its larger tusks, complete with barbs jutting out from the wood. As the orcs flee to regroup behind the animals, several run through the contraption unharmed.

Correction: No, they don't. Some do run underneath the wooden connector as the Mumak swings its tusks upwards, but most do not make it past and are sent crashing to the ground.

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Corrected entry: When everyone is leaving to go to the battle at the black gate, Minas Tirith is shown as a battle-scarred city, with burned, gaping holes in the walls and towers from the damaging barrage of catapult-thrown boulders. The next time we're shown the city, after the battle, it's all fixed up.

Correction: That's because quite a bit of time has passed between the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and the coronation of Aragorn as King. The timeline in the books shows it as nearly two months, but the film appears to imply that even more time has passed, by this and other evidences (Arwen is fully recovered, Frodo is fully healed, and more).

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Corrected entry: If Frodo was indeed stabbed by Shelob, never in the rest of the movie is there any evidence that he was stabbed, even if all the stinger did was "stun" him. Shouldn't there be a big gaping, bleeding hole somewhere in his midsection? That stinger was pretty large.

Correction: A large (about the size of a golf ball) greenish wound can be seen on Frodo's upper chest (slightly to the right) throughout the subsequent scenes. Since Shelob wants to keep Frodo alive for later enjoyment, her poison apparently seals the wound to keep him from bleeding to death.


Corrected entry: Gollum bites off the tip of Frodo's finger, you can see it squirt some blood. But then when Frodo is writing the book and the scenes that follow Frodo's finger is intact.

Correction: Frodo's finger is completely bitten off by Gollum. At the end of the movie, his wound has healed but there is no finger, only a stub (he writes with his right hand at the end, not his left).


Corrected entry: During the Charge of the Rohirrim (Pelennor Fields), Gandalf is visible leading the charge. This is impossible because he is inside Minas Tirith, not leading the charge onto to the surrounding fields.

Correction: Gandalf ís still inside Mina Tirith, what you see in the front is the white horse Théoden is riding.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam is climbing up the stairs of the Orc tower to rescue Frodo, Sam is confronted by a contingent of Orcs coming down. Apparently elven swords are orc-blood resistant, for after skewering at least two Sam's blade is still bright, clean silver.

Correction: The sword is Sting. It's true to the book for it to stay clean.


Corrected entry: When Sam is fighting Shelob and stabs her in the eyes, there's gunk on Sting when he pulls it out - you can see it. But then, a shot later when Shelob throws Sting in the air, there's nothing on it.

Correction: This is already online, as mistake ID 62796.

Corrected entry: In ROTK (and in the first two) Orlando Bloom is usually wearing blue colored contacts. Yet sometimes the brown eyes are seen, regardless of the reason why he isn't wearing them.

Correction: It is explained in commentary that Bloom wore the contacts during all filming and simply the lighting made them appear darker. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When the three hunters leave the mountains where the dead lived and see the corsair ships Legolas eyes are brown and not blue. It is not that they appear brown because they are dark blue, you can see the color of them. Extended DVD.

Correction: According to the commentary Bloom wore his contact during all filming and lighting caused them to appear darker. Not a mistake.

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Continuity mistake: Legolas sends an arrow directly to Grima atop Orthanc, and as Grima starts to fall back the arrow is quite visibly well below the coat's fur. However, when Grima actually hits the ground, the arrow is now higher up, protruding from the fur. (Extended Edition.) (00:16:35)

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Legolas: So, it's a drinking game?
Gimli: Last one standing wins!
Legolas: [after several drinks.] I...I feel something-a slight tingle in my fingers. I think it's affecting me!
Gimli: Ahh...what'd I say? He can't hold his liquor... [falls over.].
Legolas: Game over.

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Trivia: At the end of the film, young Elanor Gamgee is played by none other than Sean Astin's own daughter in a cameo. Not only that, but Frodo Gamgee (the baby) is played by Maisie McLeod-Riera, the daughter of Sarah McLeod, who plays Sam's wife, Rosie.

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Question: How old is Aragorn when he dies?

Answer: Aragorn is 210 years old when he dies. Some of the early texts give his age at death as 190, but Tolkien eventually confirmed that 210 is the correct age.

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