Air America

Air America (1990)


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Billy Covington: I don't wanna crash twice in one day.
Gene Ryack: Don't worry, I crash better that anyone I know.

Gene Ryack: Here at Air America, what's considered psychotic behavior anywhere else is company policy.

Gene Ryack: There'll be another, new war opening soon in a theater near you.

Gene Ryack: Maybe you don't get this, but when you die that's it! End of story, blackness. They stick you in a box, cover you up with dirt, don't even let you out for weekends.

Rob Diehl: Hey Gene, You will remember what I said?.. Shhhh.
Gene Ryack: Well the problem is Rob, you and I weren't here, this conversation never happened, so I can't remember what the fuck you didn't tell me.

Billy Covington: Gene, you can't sell the plane! It's government property.
Gene Ryack: The U.S. Government doesn't exist in Laos and neither does this plane.
Billy Covington: Good point.

Gene: So we'll sit back and we'll do what we do best. We fly.

Gene Ryack: I've seen things here that I could never possibly have imagined, and I've got a pretty broad imagination.

Factual error: The movie is set in the late 60's. In the restaurant scene two guys on stage are singing "A Horse With No Name" which didn't come out until 1971.

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