The Odyssey

Continuity mistake: When the men enter the cyclops' cave, Odysseus crouches down and says "They keep sheep in this cave with them". Between shots his arm goes from being at a 90 degree angle to being at a 45 degree angle.

Continuity mistake: When Elpenor says "We will not reach Ithaca without you" Odysseus replies "Yes you will" and hugs him. In that shot Odysseus' right hand is on Elpenor's back, but in the next as Odysseus says "It is I who am lost" his hand is on Elpenor's head.

Continuity mistake: When Telemachus is born and Penelope and Odysseus hold him, Penelope's hand goes from touching the baby's arm to touching his head.

Continuity mistake: During the start of the battle in Odysseus's throne room at the end of the film, watch as the evil suitor hurls an axe at Odysseus and Telemachus, shouting "A river of blood!" Both duck as the axe flies towards them. Then in the very next shot, they duck a second time as the axe smashes into the wooden throne behind.

Visible crew/equipment: During the Trojan War, when Odysseus yells "Fight. Fight. FIGHT. ", a soldier plays the flute and they all run down the hill, a cameraman with a blue t-shirt and sunglasses is visible.

Revealing mistake: When the monkey points up the hill and Odysseus keeps climbing, modern houses and roads are visible on the ground below.

Continuity mistake: After Circe tells Odysseus that he must go to the underworld, Odysseus sits down on the bed and puts his hand on his lap. In the next shot, as Circe says "You are right to be afraid", Odysseus' hand is on the bed.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus looks back at his men before entering the underworld, the men are shown in different places on the ships between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus holds up the bowl of wine and says "It's the drink of the gods", the bowl is grey. When he gives it to the cyclops it is brown. When the cyclops throws it back at him, it is grey again.

Plot hole: How is it that Odysseus' men found only one footprint in the ground? Logically, they should have found a whole trail of footprints.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus finds the little boy standing next to the ladder during the Trojan war, the angle of the sticks leaning against the ladder differ in the closeups.

Continuity mistake: A very blatant mistake in the Scylla scene. In one shot it is totally dark, with no light coming from the ship. In the next shot, Odysseus orders Anticlus to light a torch- and suddenly there is a ball of fire from which the soldier lights the torch.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus surfaces from the water and grabs the mast, the shape of the mast and the ropes around it have changed from the previous shot.

Audio problem: When Tiresias describes Scylla to Odysseus he states, "She lurks in the shadows, hoping to fill her belly." However, when he says, "hoping to fill her belly," his lips don't match what he is saying.

Revealing mistake: During the battle at Troy, when Odysseus and Achilles are standing together surrounded by Trojan warriors, Odysseus lashes out with his sword and kills a warrior (just before Hector appears and challenges Achilles). If you look carefully you'll see that Odysseus merely swung his sword for show; it didn't connect with the Trojan warrior who fell dead.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus carries Penelope into Eumaues' cottage, the position of Penelope's hand on Odysseus' shoulder changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the suitors throw Penelope's tapestry into the fire the position of the tapestry changes between shots.

Revealing mistake: The gaps between the boards of the Trojan horse are much wider in the inside than on the outside. This reveals that the soldiers are not really inside the horse, but on a set.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus talks to Athena on his ship, the blanket on his shoulder pad constantly moves closer and further away from his neck.

Continuity mistake: When Circe tells her maids to make wine with honey, she turns around to look at them twice.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus sees Aeolus' face in the waterfall, in the shots from behind, Odysseus' left sleeve is rolled up and his right sleeve is rolled down. Yet when viewed from the front, Odysseus' right sleeve is rolled up and his left sleeve is rolled down.

Continuity mistake: As the sailors cut open the sack of winds, between shots the knife they use moves further up the sack.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus spears one of the suitors to the door, the angle of the spear changes between shots.

Audio problem: When the men are escaping from the cave, the cyclops yells "Where are you?" and pounds his hands on the ground, but the sounds that are heard don't match him pounding the ground.

Audio problem: The exact same sound of someone yelling "Bring the grain" or "Where would you like these sacks of grain?" can repeatedly be heard inside the Ithacan palace throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus is about to arrive at Circe's palace, he puts his hand next to one of the cracks on the ground. Between shots his hand moves further away from this crack.

Continuity mistake: When the men are about to leave Ithaca, Odysseus raises his hands and cries "Set the sails". Between shots the blanket over his shoulder moves closer to his neck.

Continuity mistake: The blood on the cyclops' chin disappears quite suddenly, though he never wipes it off.

Deliberate mistake: The same shot of Odysseus killing a man with two swings of his sword is used twice in the battle scene.

Continuity mistake: When Telemachus is in the dark trying to string his bow, a vase with arrows in it is visible next to him. Then after he throws his bow to the ground in frustration, the arrows are gone.

Revealing mistake: Achilles takes the spear that he later throws at Hector out of a dead person's body, but the spear has no blood on it at all.

Revealing mistake: There are two points in the film where Odysseus throws a flaming torch into the air. The first was when he was at Troy. The second was a throw at Scylla. Notice that these torches make exactly the same noise and move in exactly the same way.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hermes is talking to Odysseus on the cliff, the nearby plants changes distinctly between shots.

Audio problem: In the cyclops' cave, Odysseus tells his men to get the wine so that they can trade it for water, but when he does this, his lips don't move.

Visible crew/equipment: During the battle scene, Odysseus' narration goes "and no one knew whose side the gods were on." In the shot where he begins to say "were on," a crew member with brown hair and a black shirt is visible behind the charging Greek army. A split second later another crew member is visible, this time with black hair and a blue shirt.

Continuity mistake: There are two shots of Odysseus floating in the water right before he reaches Calypso's island. In the first shot, you can see that he is wearing armor. In the second, his chest is bare.

Continuity mistake: When Hermes says "Heed my advice and reach that stone" Odysseus is looking at Hermes. In the next shot, as Odysseus replies "Which?" he is facing up the cliff.

Revealing mistake: After the sack of winds is opened, Eurylochus is shown grabbing onto a rope in midair, and the string holding him up is visible.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus is hugging Calypso, the ship magically appears on the horizon.

Continuity mistake: Between shots of Menelaus saying "You, Telemachus, you must return", his arm magically appears on Telemachus' shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When the men are all holding onto the boat so as not to fall into the whirlpool Charybdis, Polites' face is covered in blood. But when he falls, most of the blood is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Odysseus is talking to Hermes as he holds onto the cliffside, the position of his arms changes between shots.

Audio problem: When Odysseus signals his men to leave the Trojan horse, he says "Drop the rope" and his lips don't match his dialogue.

Revealing mistake: After Achilles dies and the Greeks are standing at his burial, Achilles is breathing for the first few seconds of the shot.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus arrives back home and comes to Eumaues' house, the pitcher and cup on the table keep changing position.

Continuity mistake: Before Telemachus leaves Ithaca, he is shown having a conversation with Mentor. Throughout this scene Mentor's hands vary between clutching his staff and on his lap.

Continuity mistake: During the battle in the throne room, the arrows in Odysseus' quiver and the strap over the throne keep changing between shots.

Continuity mistake: The baby that Odysseus holds in front of Ithaca in the sunlight is different than the one Penelope has in her arms when she says goodbye to her husband.

Revealing mistake: When Odysseus sees his ruined ship at Circe's island, he collapses near it and tries to uncover it with his sword. But there is already a small hole in the sand when he collapses in it that his legs fit into. This reveals the fact that this is not their first take of this shot.

Continuity mistake: When the cyclops first comes in the cave the air is really foggy, but when the men try to move the stone just a few minutes late it is pitch black outside.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus sees Calypso's island and begins paddling to get there, the ropes on the mast go from being in front of him to being behind him.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus raises the sail of the raft, it is obviously near sunset, but for the rest of this scene, it is much sunnier than it previously was.

Continuity mistake: As Melanthe and Eurymachus fall dead to the ground, the suitor speared to the door has his left arm raised. When Odysseus looks around the room, his hand is lowered, then after he tells Telemachus "Don't let your mother's eyes fall on this room" his hand is raised again.

Visible crew/equipment: As Laocoon approaches the Trojan Horse, equipment is visible near the Eurylochus and the Trojans. It was not there when King Priam first approached the horse.

Audio problem: When Telemachus comes to Sparta, Menelaus asks "Who is this boy my son brings?". Someone then replies "Telemachus of Ithaca highness" but his lips are out of sync when he says this.

Continuity mistake: During the storm at sea, Odysseus grabs onto the mast of the raft, and between shots his hands come closer together.

Continuity mistake: When the men enter the cyclops' cave and Elpenor falls to the ground, his position changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: After Prince Hector explodes out of his chariot, there is a shot of a soldier falling down and another one stabbing him with a spear. Then when Achilles starts yelling "Hector is mine. Mine." the same soldier falls down and gets stabbed again.

Continuity mistake: After Anticlea commits suicide, the grievous Euryclea turns her head toward the left. In the next shot, her head is turned toward the right.

Continuity mistake: Before he rapes Melanthe, the suitor Eurymachus spills some wine on his shirt, leaving two stains on it. But by the time he enters the room she is in, the spots have disappeared.

Visible crew/equipment: In the second shot in the Trojan War, right after the men come down the hill on horses, a cameraman is visible near the statue at the top of the wall. (00:13:35)

Continuity mistake: In the shot of Hermes flying up to get the plant, Odysseus' sword is over his elbow, but in the next overhead shot his sword is halfway between his elbow and his shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Anticlea tries to commit suicide, the sand on the beach is white. However, in a wide shot as Penelope yells "No." the sand now appears to be light brown. This shot was obviously filmed at a different time than the rest of the scene, after the tide had gone in and out.

Revealing mistake: Odysseus' men find the cyclops footprint in brown dirt, yet there are black outlines around it, showing us that it's just a footprint in plaster.

Continuity mistake: After Menelaus reveals to Telemachus that his father is dead, Telemachus puts his hand on the green stripe on the wall, but in the closeup his hand is below this green stripe.

Continuity mistake: When Penelope gives birth to Telemachus, there is a little girl watching with both her hands on her cheeks. Then we see a closeup of her, and only one of her hands is on her cheek. The other is near her chest.

Plot hole: There is a wide shot of the men going off to hunt deer on Circe's island, and you can count at least ten of them. When Odysseus comes to rescue them, he sees two along the way, and then there are four in Circe's palace. Of the two back at the beach, one was changed into a pig, and the other is a human that said "Only Polites (the pig) escaped". That adds up to eight men. So at least two are missing.

Continuity mistake: When the cyclops is looking at the men's equipment, he sticks a sword into the ground. The angle of the sword changes between shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Trojans run out of the gates as their city burns you can see a boom mike bobbing up and down at the top of the screen.

Continuity mistake: When Penelope weaves her tapestry as the suitors wrestle, there is a golden bracelet on her arm, but when she pulls her maid Melanthe away from the window, it is gone.

Factual error: During the battle in the throne room, a soldier is seen hiding behind a pillar. Then Telemachus comes and swings his sword clockwise. However, we see the soldier getting hit by the sword, hitting the pillar, and then falling to the ground. This only could have happened if Telemachus had swung his sword counter-clockwise.

Audio problem: As the sailors are all running back to the ship from the cyclops' island, Eumaeus yells "What happened?", and his lips do not move.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the duel of Antinous against Telemachus, Antinous picks up a stool to throw at Odysseus and the white fur lands almost exactly next to the wine bag. Then in the shot of Antinous laughing, the fur is much further away from the bag.

Continuity mistake: When Telemachus is fighting with the suitor, the blood on the suitor disappears.

Continuity mistake: When the Phaecian women see Odysseus lying face down on the shore, in a closeup shot his right arm is bent. In the next shot, his arm is straight.

Continuity mistake: When the cyclops comes into the cave and says "Who are you?", we see all the men in a circle. There are nine of them. But later, when they run back to the ship, you can count at least ten of them. Even worse is that two of the men were eaten by the cyclops, so there should be only seven.

Continuity mistake: When Achilles throws the spear at Hector, there is another chariot nearby that appears to be on fire. In the next shot of Achilles we see the same chariot and the fire is gone.

Continuity mistake: During the Trojan war, it is clear that they are fighting on sand with no water nearby. Then suddenly Odysseus slashes a Trojan, and he falls in a large puddle of water. When Achilles grabs a spear later, the puddle is gone.

Audio problem: When Odysseus is in the Trojan horse, he says "King Priam" but his lips don't move.

Continuity mistake: The first man the cyclops eats (the one with the black beard) is standing behind Elpenor when he offers the cyclops cheese. But when the cyclops knocks Elpenor away, you can see that that man was in front of him.

Audio problem: After the Cyclops finishes drinking wine, he throws the bowl back at Odysseus. In that shot you can hear the sound of it hitting him and falling to the ground. But the bowl doesn't actually hit him until the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Athena says, "Look at them, I fear for you," Polites is laughing at a joke the sailors told him, but in the closeup Polites is eating food out of a bowl.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the Charybdis scene Odysseus surfaces from the water and grabs onto the mast of the ship with one hand, but in the next shot he's grabbing it with both hands.

Continuity mistake: When the men are leaving the Trojan horse, there is a spear leaning at the center of one of the wheels, but when Odysseus starts fighting, the spear is at the far side of the wheel.

Deliberate mistake: When Penelope gives birth to Telemachus it is obviously not a newborn baby.

Continuity mistake: The cyclops throws the bowl at Odysseus and it lands on the ground, but it is gone a few shots later as one of the men says "I will kill him now".

Continuity mistake: When the men are about to stab the cyclops in the eye, Odysseus' hands are near the top of the stick. In the next shot they're further down the stick.

Audio problem: After Hector has challenged Achilles, his lips keep moving but no sound is heard.

Continuity mistake: After Penelope says "I am alone now", her head rotates between shots.

Revealing mistake: It's stated that Achilles has been killed. He then is shown lying face up on his pyre. But if you look closely enough (zooming in might help) you can see that he's still breathing.

Audio problem: Having just captured the pig, the soldier with a knife says "I'll stop your squealing" but his lips don't move.

Continuity mistake: Odysseus' hair constantly changes throughout the scene where he is talking to Athena on his ship.

Continuity mistake: Aeolus changes position on his chair between shots of him saying "Everyone knows Odysseus, the great hero who built the Trojan horse".

Audio problem: At the very beginning of the film, when Odysseus is running to his wife at Ithaca, we hear him breathing rapidly. His breaths does not match his mouth.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Odysseus is climbing up the hill and sees the god Hermes, Hermes plucks a plant to feed Odysseus. Odysseus' head rotates to the left between shots.

Continuity mistake: Telemachus drives Antinous to the wall with a spear and stakes him to the wall. The spear is actually gone when Odysseus looks around the room after killing everyone.

Continuity mistake: When Antinoos throws the bow to the ground after failing to string it, it lands tilting upwards. But by the time Odysseus picks it up, the bow is lying flat on the ground.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the battle in the throne room at the end, the position of many of the dead suitors changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the Trojan war, when Odysseus and Achilles get surrounded by Trojan soldiers, the position of the soldiers change between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Penelope is making olive oil she pours a basket of olives into another empty basket. Between shots, the basket with olives moves closer to the empty basket.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus is telling Calypso about his scar, he rises from the water. In one shot his head is down and his arm is lowered. In the next, his head is up and his arm is raised.

Continuity mistake: The blood on the face of the little boy at Troy changes constantly throughout the many shots of him.

Continuity mistake: When the Trojan Horse was being inspected by King Priam and his men for the first time, why didn't he see the Greek soldiers hiding inside? There were plenty of large gaps between the planks used to construct the horse.

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