The Odyssey

The Odyssey (1997)

103 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When the men enter the cyclops' cave, Odysseus crouches down and says "They keep sheep in this cave with them". Between shots his arm goes from being at a 90 degree angle to being at a 45 degree angle.

Continuity mistake: When Elpenor says "We will not reach Ithaca without you" Odysseus replies "Yes you will" and hugs him. In that shot Odysseus' right hand is on Elpenor's back, but in the next as Odysseus says "It is I who am lost" his hand is on Elpenor's head.

Continuity mistake: When Telemachus is born and Penelope and Odysseus hold him, Penelope's hand goes from touching the baby's arm to touching his head.

Continuity mistake: After the suitors throw Penelope's tapestry into the fire the position of the tapestry changes between shots.

Visible crew/equipment: During the Trojan War, when Odysseus yells "Fight. Fight. FIGHT. ", a soldier plays the flute and they all run down the hill, a cameraman with a blue t-shirt and sunglasses is visible.

Revealing mistake: When the monkey points up the hill and Odysseus keeps climbing, modern houses and roads are visible on the ground below.

Continuity mistake: After Circe tells Odysseus that he must go to the underworld, Odysseus sits down on the bed and puts his hand on his lap. In the next shot, as Circe says "You are right to be afraid", Odysseus' hand is on the bed.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus is about to arrive at Circe's palace, he puts his hand next to one of the cracks on the ground. Between shots his hand moves further away from this crack.

Continuity mistake: When the men are about to leave Ithaca, Odysseus raises his hands and cries "Set the sails". Between shots the blanket over his shoulder moves closer to his neck.

Continuity mistake: During the start of the battle in Odysseus's throne room at the end of the film, watch as the evil suitor hurls an axe at Odysseus and Telemachus, shouting "A river of blood!" Both duck as the axe flies towards them. Then in the very next shot, they duck a second time as the axe smashes into the wooden throne behind.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus carries Penelope into Eumaues' cottage, the position of Penelope's hand on Odysseus' shoulder changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus finds the little boy standing next to the ladder during the Trojan war, the angle of the sticks leaning against the ladder differ in the closeups.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus holds up the bowl of wine and says "It's the drink of the gods", the bowl is grey. When he gives it to the cyclops it is brown. When the cyclops throws it back at him, it is grey again.

Plot hole: How is it that Odysseus' men found only one footprint in the ground? Logically, they should have found a whole trail of footprints.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus spears one of the suitors to the door, the angle of the spear changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: As the sailors cut open the sack of winds, between shots the knife they use moves further up the sack.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus talks to Athena on his ship, the blanket on his shoulder pad constantly moves closer and further away from his neck.

Continuity mistake: When Odysseus looks back at his men before entering the underworld, the men are shown in different places on the ships between shots.

Audio problem: When Tiresias describes Scylla to Odysseus he states, "She lurks in the shadows, hoping to fill her belly." However, when he says, "hoping to fill her belly," his lips don't match what he is saying.

Revealing mistake: After Achilles dies and the Greeks are standing at his burial, Achilles is breathing for the first few seconds of the shot.