The Little Vampire

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tony has a bloody nose his mom has put tissues in it to stop the bleeding. She pulls out one side and says "still bleeding" so she gets more tissue, while she is rolling it up there is no tissue in that one side of his nose. Then after she is done rolling it up the tissue is back in his nose without her putting it there, then she pulls it out again and replaces it with fresh tissue.

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Suggested correction: I just finished watching the movie and she replaced the rolled up tissue when she says his nose is still bleeding right before she turns to grab a fresh tissue from the box, then she turns around and pulls out of the dirty one to replace it with the clean one.

Continuity mistake: When Tony is in the lesson talking about vampires, the blackboard behind the teacher is free of any writing. Then, between shots, '300' is written on the blackboard, even though the teacher didn't write it.

Continuity mistake: When Tony puts Rudolph into the chest at the end of his bed, he climbs into bed with his red tee-shirt on. In the next shot, his red tee-shirt is neatly folded up, and is sitting on the chest, and Tony has now got a pajama top on.

Continuity mistake: Right before Anna comes into Tony's bedroom (when she teaches him to whistle), Tony is sitting on his bed wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. When Tony hears the approaching footsteps he dives under the covers, and he is wearing his nightshirt.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tony first meets Rudolph. Tony has his fake vampire teeth in and is pretending to bite his teddy-bear. He uses tomato sauce to simulate blood and has it all over his face. He uses his left sleeve to wipe his face completely clean, yet for the rest of the scene the tomato sauce keeps appearing and disappearing and changing shape.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rudolph is saving Tony from the truck he says, "close your eyes, Tony". But in the next scene when they are on the blimp the boys introduce themselves. Rudolph did not yet know Tony's name but yet he said it.

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