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Corrected entry: When Simone is shown on the Brand TV show in the desert, at the end of the "satellite feed" that is being sent to the show, for a second, the background is still shown (supposedly being aired on the "live" TV show) but Simone has disappeared from the shot.

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Correction: That was deliberate, the background is a real image but Simone is not; her image was corrupted by insufficient computer memory, which is why her image appeared to crackle and be lost.

Corrected entry: Viktor's lawyer suggests that he plead diminished capacity for Simone's murder. California abolished the diminished capacity defense in 1982 following the Dan White murders of "Twinkie defense" fame.

Correction: This movie happens in the future. A similar defense may have been reinstated for some reason that is not explained in the film.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, Al Pacino receives the hard drive with the Simone program on it. As he pulls out the hard drive, you can see the arm and the platters of the drive. Taking the covers off a hard drive, especially on a beach, would render the hard drive inoperable, due to sand, dust or dirt getting into the mechanisms and between the platters.

Correction: He never opens the drive, in fact: it is never open. It is just a hard disk with a transparent cover.


Corrected entry: Viktor tells Elaine that Simone does all of her own stunts, "even the fall from the plane", but later when the studio heads invade the stage Viktor reveals Simone has a fear of heights. (00:32:50 - 00:50:50)

Correction: Simone isn't real and Viktor is having troubles keeping his lies straight.


Corrected entry: In the scene where viktor tells the studio exec's Simone is extremely agoraphobic, he then shows his ex-wife a picture of herself with Simone in the background. If Simone is agoraphobic why would she attend a party with so many people around?

Correction: Agoraphobia is fear of open spaces. Having a lot of people around does not freak out agoraphobes, it actually comforts them because they can feel enclosed.

Corrected entry: Viktor contaminated the main software disk with virus, then chucked it into the ocean. The disk was never to be found. How can then Lainey reconstruct the entire program code in, what, less than a day? Viktor wanted to be rid of Simone forever, so one would have thought that he got rid of every single disk, including backups. How could Lainey have reconstructed the entire code just from the virus software which was inadvertently left behind?

Correction: Viktor dumped all the removable media, but he left the hard drives in the machines, thinking that once they were infected with the virus they would be unusable. Lainey is obviously more computer savvey than him, and managed to disinfect and recover the files.

Corrected entry: After Viktor announces to the studio execs that Simone is exteremely agoraphobic - which means "fear of open spaces" - Simone appears in a television interview direct from her shooting location which is in the middle of a desert. Wouldn't the execs be at least a tad suspicious?

Correction: Yes they would. We see this when several people are being interviewed after Simone is believed to be dead. One of the interviewees says that Simone was never let out of the studio. So yes, they did have their suspicions.

Corrected entry: In the Oscars, Simone wins her award for best actress in two roles. The Academy expressly prohibits any actor or actress from being nominated twice in the same category in the same year.

Correction: This was done on purpose, to show just how great Simone is - she's so great that even the Academy would break its own rules for her.

Factual error: In the scene of the concert, Simone is a hologram but the microphone is real, as it is set up in the previous scene with Viktor and crew going over details, but one shot shows Simone holding and singing into the microphone, which is impossible for a hologram to pick up. (01:03:40)

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Viktor: You made me, but I made you first.

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Trivia: References to "Pygmalion" - both the Greek myth and the G.B. Shaw play which became "My Fair Lady" - occur in "Simone." There is a brief shot of a famous painting of Pygmalion and his "creation" Galatea. The inventor of the "Simone" computer program is named Hank - a nickname for Henry (Higgins?). And Viktor chooses Audrey Hepburn as the "voice" for Simone. Ms. Hepburn appeared as Eliza Doolittle in the film "My Fair Lady."

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