Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

Continuity mistake: When Ingrid enters Gregorio's new smaller office, she sits at his desk, and they look at photos. Through the scene, between [different] consecutive shots, items on the desk move, such as the yellow toy Gregorio places on the desk, the silver rocket, and the mouse on the mouse mat. (00:37:35 - 00:38:50)

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene of Ingrid and Carmen at the vanity table, a green fern stands right beside the left side of the vanity table. In later close ups of Ingrid and Carmen in the mirror, the whole left side is clearly visible, yet the green fern is not seen, whereas in the previous shots the fern leaves were hanging right over that side and should be visible. (00:07:45 - 00:08:30)

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Plot hole: When Carmen is undercover as a pop star at the end of the movie,the crowd was cheering her name(Carmen). If she's one of the top spies, she would know not to use her real name if she was undercover.

Other mistake: When Gary and Gerti fall in the camel poop, there a few things wrong with that: 1) camels poop in "pellets", not like what you see in the movie; and 2) Gary and Gerti are both in the centre of the pile when they should be at the end of it. They are both in the same spot (it has nothing to do with leg length).

Continuity mistake: When Carmen and Juni finally reach the island, they trapse up to the beach and both throw their backpacks onto the sand. Watch the backpacks. Between shots the bags and the bagstraps change position. (00:42:25)

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Carmen: We're kids, not monsters.
Dr. Romero: What's the difference?

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Trivia: Robert Rodriguez, the director, was building his house at the time of filming, so a lot of the architecture you see in the Cortez's home is in his house.

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Chosen answer: Because Juni told her that her feet stunk so she wanted to see if it was true.

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