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The Commitments (1991)

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Corrected entry: Imelda decides not to go off with her family on a caravan holiday to the Isle of Man. However, the Isle of Man bans caravans.

Correction: I don't know where you came upon that little snippet, but it's completely wrong. See, amongst many, many others -

Corrected entry: During the course of the movie Natalie's eyes change colour from being darkish green or hazel in most scenes, including outdoors daytime, to being extremely blue.

Correction: It is natural for 'green' eyes to appear different shades depending upon the lighting and color of a person's clothing. There are also some people whose eye color changes based upon their emotional state.

Daniel Fink

Audio problem: Near the end of the movie: In the last club scene, an acoustic piano can be heard. Notice that is different than a regular piano. However, when we see the piano it's a Fender Rhodes piano, and not an acoustic. OK, it could be another piano, but the club only has the one piano.

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Outspan Foster: What's that? A Mister Chippy van?
Mickah Wallace, Drums: We can't travel in that shit heap.
Joey: Buddy Holly's last words.
Bernie: What?
Joey: We can't travel in that shit heap.
Outspan Foster: Did Buddy Holly say that?
Joey: Before he flew to meet his destiny on that storm-tossed night.
Outspan Foster: Will crashin' in a chipper van make us famous, huh?

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