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Corrected entry: I didn't know that toy companies spent about 10 dollars on repairs for battered old toys when 2 dollars of plastic could make a new one.

Correction: The company remade the toy due to the facts surrounding the case from the first movie. They wanted to know if something was wrong with that particular doll, and could only do so by repairing it.

Corrected entry: When Chucky stabs Miss Kettlewell with the pump, you can see blood come out of her back. But in the next shot when she's falling onto the desks, no blood is shown.

Correction: He doesn't stab her in the back, he stabs her in the front. And due to the quick cutting, you never get a good shot of where she gets stabbed after the first two shots, as evidence by the linked video. So there's no real mistake.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, the workers rebuild Chucky. We see his skull is metal. But in the end of the film Andy or Kyle stick a tube into him with some sort of gas, blowing it into Chuck's mouth. His head swells, then explodes. Metal would not do this.

Correction: We don't know what type of metal it is. It likely is a very light metal. Also, the metal has been weakened by the molten plastic poured over Chucky, allowing it to fragment and inflate with the plastic.

Adding to this the more time he spends in the doll the more human he becomes, and we see at the end of Child"s Play 3 he has a skeleton, so his metal skull has probably turned into a human one at the end of Child's Play 2.

Corrected entry: How can the doll that the workers are repairing in the beginning talk? All they did was screw in the head without putting any wires in, and the doll's neck shows without any wires showing.

Correction: The doll right at the beginning is the one possessed with the spirit of Charles Lee Ray. Chucky doesn't need to have wires/batteries in him, because he is possessed by a spirit, and can talk and walk about without wires.

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Corrected entry: Why is Chucky's skull metal? Tommy's isn't as evidenced by Chucky crushing his head with a piece of porcelain. It doesn't make sense that they'd make one doll out of metal and the rest out of plastic.


Correction: Chucky is more updated than Tommy, meaning that Tommy just hasn't been made with a metal head yet.

There is no evidence to support this, nothing in the film says when Chuck or Tommy was made, Tommy could have been made long before Chuck for all we know.


Corrected entry: When Chucky bashes Tommy's head in with the statue, he crushes the skull. But at the beginning, Chucky's skull is made of metal, which means all the doll's skulls are metal. He couldn't do that damage to a metal skull.

Correction: Chucky, being a much older version of the Good Guy doll has a metal skull while a newer model (Tommy) may have a plastic skull. Besides we see Tommy's rubber face cut up and torn but we do not actually see his skull break it is only caved in. If the skull is made of aluminium or even tin the heavy figurine could easily stove it in.


Corrected entry: When Chucky has tied Andy to the bed he has stuffed a sock in Andy's mouth so that no one can hear him screaming. But when Kyle enters the room and takes the sock out of Andy's mouth you can see the sock almost isn't in his mouth at all. Wouldn't Andy be able to spit the sock out by himself? (00:29:25)


Correction: He's a kid, so that thought just didn't occur to him.

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Continuity mistake: In one scene, Chucky and a girl are driving down a road when they get pulled over by a cop. The cop is surprised to see a "Good Guys" doll, and is shocked to see that its nose is bleeding. They do a close up of Chucky's nose, and blood is running from it. When they cut to the cops point of view, where Chucky and the girl are both in frame, the blood is gone. It doesn't reappear for the rest of that scene, even though no one wiped it away. (00:54:55)

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Chucky: I've got you now, Andy! And you know what I'm gonna do to you? I'm gonna cut off your legs, too!

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Trivia: The characters Karen Barclay and Detective Norris were meant to be in the film during an opening courtroom scene, but the sequence was cut out to save money. Funnily enough, Karen Barclay's actress Catherine Hicks, despite not being in the movie, was often on-set as she met and married one of the special effects wizards who created the Chucky doll in the original film, and had returned to work on the sequel.


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