The Clan of the Cave Bear

Continuity mistake: The cave bear tears the head off the man with the blue eyes. In the very next shot there is no trace of blood anywhere on the bear.


Continuity mistake: When the lion cuts Ayla's leg there are three cuts, however, when Isa finds her passed out, there are four cuts.

Joel Amos Gordon

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Ayla's mom is dying, Ayla grabs on to a finger or her outstretched hand. The scene cuts and Ayla's mom has her hand wrapped around Ayla's hand.

Joel Amos Gordon

Factual error: The clan people look nothing like Neanderthals, they look like Cro-Magnon with a little dirt on.


Revealing mistake: When Ayla is looking at her "ugly" reflection in the lake she moves her hand down and a second later the reflection moves its hand down.

Joel Amos Gordon

Revealing mistake: When Ayla gets her leg cut by the lion, the claw that cuts her doesn't look like a lion's paw (it looks like a bear) and you can see the "blood" is already on the paw and coming out of it as it dragged across her legs.

Joel Amos Gordon

Continuity mistake: The C-shaped scar on the right chest of the man that likes Ayla changes shape between the time he is wrestling and the time he stops Ayla.

Joel Amos Gordon

Brun: You want to be a leader, Broud, but a man who hits his people can never lead the Clan.

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Trivia: Jean M Auel, who wrote the book, was not at all pleased with the movie.

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Question: I understand that certain changes need to be made when adapting a book to the screen, but can anyone tell me the reason why they so radically changed an ending which would have worked fine as it was in the book?

Answer: The only reason I (and anyone I asked) could find was that, as usual, they discarded the ending though emotionally intense for the sake of another climax full of physical violence after the belief that this is the type of endings people prefer in the movies. Really sad indeed.

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