Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Continuity mistake: In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mrs. Thompson tells Nancy that a trail of gasoline went through the boiler room, out a door and set the entire place on fire. In this movie, a molotov cocktail is thrown through a window.

Plot hole: The pipe bomb that Maggie uses to kill Freddy is the same one that was found in Spencer's room earlier in the film. It's already been established that Freddy was erasing the people he's been killing from existence, so that pipe bomb wouldn't be there to use on Freddy.


Continuity mistake: When Maggie stabs Freddy with the glove, in one shot she has her tied hair down over her jumper, but in the next shot it is above her jumper, and tied higher.

Freddy Krueger: Kung fu this, bitch.
Tracy: This is my dream, and I do what I want.
Freddy Krueger: Might be your dream, but it's my rules.

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Trivia: Robert Englund has stated that out of all of the kills in the entire Nightmare franchise, Carlos' death is his personal favorite.

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