Stuart Little 2

Factual error: The screeching call occasionally made by the Falcon is actually the sound of a Red-tailed hawk. Falcons do not make this sound.

Factual error: How can a 'broken' toy plane fly higher than the Empire State Building?

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Suggested correction: How can a mouse speak English and go to school, and be adopted into the system as a real person? It's a kids movie where lots of suspension of disbelief is required.

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Character mistake: When Stuart calls home from the pay phone he's talking into the wrong end of the phone.

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Snowbell: You've got guts, kid! And you've got spunk! Not to mention moxy! You've got guts, spunk, and moxy.

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Trivia: This trivia happens in the scene where the Littles hire the plumber to find the ring. Nearly everybody would know that the plumber is the same actor who plays Robert in "Everybody loves Raymond" series. Well, notice his name tag: "ROB".

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Question: Since George obviously doesn't like soccer, why is he doing it?


Answer: Cause his mom and or dad made him do it.

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