Stuart Little 2

Continuity mistake: When Stuart is sliding down the drain he gets his hands all slimy when he tries to stop himself from going all the way down. When he is pulled out of the drain, he is clean.

Continuity mistake: When the little family is in the taxi chasing Stuart's airplane, the baby is awake in her car seat, asleep a second later, then awake.

Continuity mistake: When Snowball catches and eats the fly his collar is completely visible. In the next shot when Snowball see's Margalo for the first time only the bell on his collar is visible.

Continuity mistake: When Stuart is skateboarding in the birdbath the surface is smooth. Later when Margalo is in the bath with water the surface is in ridges.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie, Mrs Little scoops up baby Martha out of her cot and walks over to the bedroom window. She has the baby on her hip when she sits down at the window to see the birds but in the shot from outside the window, baby Martha is sitting on her mum's lap.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the Littles are in the taxi looking for Stuart, Mrs. Little and George repeatedly switch places. (01:02:15 - 01:03:00)

Continuity mistake: At the soccer game, when the boy on George's team gets nailed in the gut with the ball, it rolls off his body. Yet, when they return to the shot of the boy lying on the ground, he is holding the ball. Who gave it back to him?

Continuity mistake: When Margalo is going out for "fresh air", her wing is still strapped with her scarf. As soon as she takes flight, Margalo's scarf is neat around her neck. I know that her wing isn't realy broken, but there was no time to untie it, unstrap it, put it around her neck and tie it, all while flying.

Character mistake: When Stuart calls home from the pay phone he's talking into the wrong end of the phone.

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Stuart Little: How can you think of eating at a time like this?
Snowbell: Look, I'm nervous. And when I'm nervous I eat. 'Cuz I know, in my growling gut, that if anything happens to you, I'll be blamed. I'm sure the Littles already know we're gone and are planning to replace me with a hampster.

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Trivia: This trivia happens in the scene where the Littles hire the plumber to find the ring. Nearly everybody would know that the plumber is the same actor who plays Robert in "Everybody loves Raymond" series. Well, notice his name tag: "ROB".

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Question: Why did Stuart continue trusting the Canary when she lied to him and the whole family?

Answer: Probably because he could see that she was hurt at what she did and also because earlier in the movie, he said "When you're friends with Stuart Little, you're friends for life". Also if you wanna look at it another way, him helping her could be payback for her saving him from the sink. It's just a long term friendship they have.

Answer: Because she wanted to be safe from the evil Falcon.

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