A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Corrected entry: When Alice goes to Dr. Moore to have her foetus scanned, on the ultrasound monitor there is the time displayed. It always changes between shots, e.g. from 12:04:15 to 12:03:55 to 12:03:54, etc. (00:48:20)

Correction: The scene disproves the entry you've submitted. Freddy attacks Jacob (Alice's baby) during a dream, then Jacob drags Alice into the nightmare. Half-asleep, Alice stares strangely at the ultra-sound screen, watching as the audio and video quality loses power. The loss of power causes the time to, at a point, visibly roll backward and forward rapidly.

Correction: It's a dream so this wouldn't matter because anything can happen in a dream.

Continuity mistake: When Alice and Mark are collecting all the sheets from the floor, Alice looks at a sheet about Amanda Krueger. Then in the next wide shot as her dad calls for her, all the sheets are in a pile to her right. Then in the following closeup, she starts picking up sheets of paper from all around her. (00:53:35)

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Trivia: The idea of focusing the story around children and birth was hatched by Executive Producer Sara Risher, who was a new mother at the time, and constantly had her child and its well-being in her mind. The crew decided to build off this, because they felt that the teenagers and 20-somethings who were fans of the original film were beginning to reach the age where they were likely thinking about settling down and having families themselves. Thus, incorporating elements of family and birth into the film would keep the series relevant and special for fans of the earlier entries.

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Question: I'm a little confused about Greta's death. Was it from eating too much or from her eating what was not good for her?

Answer: Her death was from Freddy overfeeding her while in the real world she choked to death.

Answer: In the VHS version, Freddy cut open her stomach and was feeding her own intestines. That's why when he cut open the doll on the high chair tray Greta was wincing and squirming as Freddy had just cut her stomach open. I guess you could say that that doll on the high chair tray was like a voodoo doll of Greta so whatever Freddy did to it happened to Greta too. Eventually, Freddy caused Greta to choke on her own intestines which caused her to choke to death in the real world.

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