A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Corrected entry: When Alice goes to Dr. Moore to have her foetus scanned, on the ultrasound monitor there is the time displayed. It always changes between shots, e.g. from 12:04:15 to 12:03:55 to 12:03:54, etc.


Correction: The scene disproves the entry you've submitted. Freddy attacks Jacob (Alice's baby) during a dream, then Jacob drags Alice into the nightmare. Half-asleep, Alice stares strangely at the ultra-sound screen, watching as the audio and video quality loses power. The loss of power causes the time to, at a point, visibly roll backward and forward rapidly.

Corrected entry: The odometer on Dan's motorbike stays at 9850.


Correction: It's a dream so this wouldn't matter because anything can happen in a dream.

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