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New this month Factual error: Michael Jordan didn't play in Nikes until he got to the NBA. He wore Converse at North Carolina plus his shoes would have been way too big by then.

Factual error: When Calvin and Co. are tying up Bittleman so they can get Calvin's shoes back, it shows highlights from the game that's being played at that very moment between Toronto and the Knights. It shows some highlights from Vince Carter, but one of these highlights was not from the game at all. It's his windmill dunk from the actual NBA 2003 dunk comp. There are no other players on the court, only camera crew. (01:14:15)

Factual error: When Calvin is watching the Knights play at the Staples Center when he is working the parking lot, the Knights are playing the Toronto Raptors, who play in a different confrence, later in the movie the Knights play the Raptors in the Staples Center again. NBA teams play teams from another confrence once on the road, and once at home.

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