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Revealing mistake: When Calvin falls out of the tree, he lands on the ground on his back. This would at least knock the breath out of him, but he is not hurt at all.

Revealing mistake: When the L.A. Knights play, the exterior shots show The Staples Center, but the interiors of the basketball arena were shot in the Great Western Forum, except for the locker room which was a stage at an LA studio, and still some other shots were taped at the All Star game, in Philadelphia.

Revealing mistake: When the three kids are sitting on the merry-go-round in the orphanage playground, look at the bars when the shot changes from Calvin to Murph. From the markings, you can see that they are the exact same bars, meaning that they decided to have the actors switch sections rather than the camera.

Continuity mistake: After the Knights had won a game, red, white, and dark blue balloons fall onto the court. Later, when Calvin is alone on the court, the balloons' colors have changed into orange, yellow, and light blue.

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Tracey Reynolds: Calvin, I think you should stick to basketball. You know why? You can't rap.

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Trivia: The outside of the arena where the Knights play is the Staples Center, but the inside of the arena is the Great Western Forum, two places where the Los Angeles NBA team Plays.

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Question: What is the name of the song when Tracy and Calvin are in the car going to the drug store?

Answer: "Party Up" (by DMX)

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